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Ashish Kumar works in the Project management Group of L&T, LMB SBG. He craves for fitness and likes running the most. He also likes reading, cycling and swimming.


Why Running

“Body is the best machine ever created, one should maintain its efficiency”

Since childhood, Ashish had craze for sports and fitness. He wanted to represent his state of Haryana in sports, but as thoughts evolve under the influence of surroundings, he ended up chasing deadlines in corporate world for over 9 years. As soul never leaves a living body, his affinity towards fitness never left. He played Basketball and Football to fill the void. However, he had to discontinue this due to lack of facilities on being posted in the construction site.

A new idea dawned on him, with just a pair of shoes, he decided to pursue his craze. He developed a new interest. He started running.


The idea of running a marathon struck him when he read an article on Amit Sheth, a corporate Honcho, who ran “the comrades” (89 km run) in South Africa in his 40’s. This was his stepping stone for what he is now. He started running and started competing with time and himself.


“Actor / runner Milind Soman and Bangalore based celebrity runner Ashok Nath are two people who have hugely inspired me. Despite being in their 50s, these men of steel have kept the spirits high and kept themselves super fit.” said Ashish.



Marathon covers 42.195 km. Half Marathon covers 21.0925 km.

After 5 months of training, He ran his first half marathon on March 2013 in a time span of 112 minutes.



Then, there was no looking back, he ran marathon in Ladakh, Shimla, Musoorie, Jim Corbett and many more. His best was on November 2014 in ADHM, Delhi it took him 90 minutes to cover half marathon.



He then took a leap to a full marathon and ran his first one on January 2015, covered it in 3 hr 42 min. He broke his own record on January 2016 by 30min.




Marathon needs both physical and mental fitness. He followed the net for developing a balanced diet and mental fitness. He categorised his workouts as:

Long and Slow RunFor Stamina
Tempo RunTo mimic race condition
Interval RunTo improve speed
Easy RunGives body time to recover
Strength TrainingHelps for an injury free run

He said “For nutrition, proper protein intake is the most important thing, which is not met by Indian foods. Egg, Lean Meat and Whey gives that extra edge.”


For mental fitness, one needs to have strong will power, it is developed through years of training, this is best described in the famous book “Eat and Run” by Scott Jurek.

The Social Angle


Marathon is an Individual’s Sport. But practising alone was never a booster for Ashish. He joined a group “Sunday Run Club”, where the members motivated and pushed each other to their limits. They share strategies and experiences which made everyone wiser. Apart from fitness, interacting with people of different professions and backgrounds has widened his views. A new bond is created between the members.


Try getting outdoors often and play at least one sport of your choice, running or not. It will give you a primal sense of belongingness to your physicality and you will feel and work better because we humans are intrinsically programmed to move. Lack of movement and long sitting as part of our busy corporate life make us unhealthy. Sports are the best remedy to offset this.”


As conveyed to-  Gaurav Rajkumar Tourani (LMB) & Subham Jain (LTEN) 

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