Sanjeev Sharma(LTMHI) AID Faridabad – Special Highlight

Association for India’s Development, Faridabad (AID)

AID is a step forward in bringing education to the opportunity deprived children of India. Through our dedicated team of volunteers and teachers, we provide informal education to destitute children and assist their transition into full-time education. AID, Faridabad currently operates three schools at Faridabad named Prabha (sec 45), Udaan (Saran vilaage, jawahr colony) & Disha (Sec 17), providing education to 130 Children and aims to create a profound impact on the community by equipping under-privileged children with the power of education.

It is our small initiative to make a big difference in the lives of these children as well as their families by making them informed about the importance of formal education in life. Many children in these deprived communities have benefitted from our initiative and now part of the formal education system. Their family is also supporting them to best of their capability. We urge people who want to make a positive difference in society and have an appetite for volunteering or contributing towards this noble cause to associate with us and make this initiative even more impactful.

You can contribute by volunteering with us, providing monetary support to us, organizing events for children at our schools, or celebrate your birthdays and festivals with these children at our schools. We will be happy to see you contributing through any of these means.

Our efforts were appreciated and covered in a special news report by ABP news. Kindly see the video below

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“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

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