Book review: The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

By: Priyarupa Sinha (LMB)

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The monk who sold his Ferrari is a wonderful enchanting tale, which is filled with discernment about pursuing your passion and living your dream. The book beautifully captures the treasure of wisdom which can help us in enriching and improving our lives. It is written in the form of a unique fable that relates to kaleidoscopic facets of life and proves to be a systematic guide for achieving greater perseverance, equipoise, accomplishment and delight.

 Robin S Sharma narrates the impactful tale of Julian Mantle, a highly successful litigation lawyer who is forced to face the spiritual crisis of his out of balance life. He peregrinates to an ancient culture, which proves to be a life-changing odyssey. In the course he learns significant, insightful and pragmatic lessons that mentor all of us to pursue our life’s aims and aspirations

Albeit most of subject acknowledged in the book can be found in the innumerable other tome on self-help, personal development and spirituality,what makes this book unique is the way it has been structured. The conversation in the book is impressive and the message is imparted in such a manner that it withholds with the readers for a long time. The book obliges its readers to pause and consider their individual journeys ,in such a way, that it helps in improving their personal lives that of others.

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