Security is a very important part of our daily lives, especially in a organizational setup with high interactions from outside. How would it be if as employees we have to worry about safeguarding our valuables in addition to  work entrusted to us. Would it be possible to work in a free mind? No right. Meet such people of our campus who take up this task of ensuring our safety while we work. Read on…


Prashant Mahapadhya, is from Odisha and lives in Faridabad with his family. His hobbies include playing cricket. He has been working in G4S for past 15 years of which 3 years he has dedicated to Larsen and Toubro, Faridabad Campus. He handles a staff of 14 people in morning shift (8:00-20:00).

What is the main responsibility?

“The main responsibility of security staff is ‘Prevention of Loss’. “ He added that there should be no instance of an unidentified person getting into the campus and similarly companies asset going out without proper documents.

What measures are been taken to ensure authorised entry?

Every employee has been given an identity card and has to show it on gate, even if he is a senior employee. For vehicles, L&T stickers are seen along with identity card.

How is all this handled?

One guard stand’s next to the main gate to ensure no two cars enter and exit at the same time. Two guards stand next to the side doors ensuring that everyone is carrying Company ID’s with them. There is a lady sitting next to the main security cabin where one can register name if one has forgotten his Company Id.

How is a non-Employee given Entry?

An entry pass is generated by the person who he/she needs to meet. . In case of vendors, their company’s identification card is seen and then only a pass is generated. For regular vendor, he needs to enter details in vendor directory. Records of everyone entering the campus be it gardener, water supplier etc., is recorded in the directory.

Security measures implemented?

CCTV cameras are placed both inside and outside office buildings. All this is monitored in CCTV room 24 x 7. All the cabins are interconnected via phones, in case of emergency immediate action can take place.

Measure taken in case of fire emergency?

Fire drills is organised in the campus, once a year, to make people aware of steps to be taken in case of fire emergency. They are gathered at assembly points. We have to make sure that the gates are closed during the drill period.

In case of Fire, every floor is equipped with automatic fire sprinklers.

Any other drills which are been held?

Emergency drills are organised where a person is carried on stretcher from inside the building till the main gate and time is noted for the entire operation.

How is your experience in Larsen and Toubro?

“It’s been a good journey in L&T, the employee co-operate well with guards, which makes our work a lot easier, which was not the case in previous companies.”


His team on the right wing of the campus

Name: Amit Kumar Singh

From: Faridabad

Hobbies: Watching Films, Travelling

G4S Tenure: 3 Years

L&T Tenure: 3 Years










Name: Prakash Chandra

From: Uttarakhand

Hobbies: Watching Cricket

G4S Tenure: 12 Years

L&T Tenure: 3 Years










Name: Prakash Chandra

From: Uttarakhand

Hobbies: Watching Cricket

G4S Tenure: 12 Years

L&T Tenure: 3 Years










Name: Sheela Mishra

From: Bihar

Hobbies: Cooking, Reading Magazine

G4S Tenure: 16 Years

L&T Tenure: 4 Years








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