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Coughing our way through and irked by the irritating irritation in the eyes, we welcome the eleventh month of the calendar which derives its name from the Latin word for nine. Unnervingly reminded by the perennially agitated news anchors, we are faced with an unprecedented situation:- Whether to please the Gods by continuing to celebrate the ‘traditions’ and live longer or  shun them to, well, live longer. As the pollution levels in Delhi continue to make a mockery of the word ‘Hazardous’, we would soon be acquitting ourselves of our crimes by concluding that the ‘Chinese(crackers) are responsible for the imperilment we find ourselves in’.


Some wise man had said ,”Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” And so we celebrated the face-off and the eventual victory of good over evil with the worship of Goddess Durga. No analogy intended, the United States of America found itself embroiled in the fight for the ‘Most powerful individual in the world’ between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Splurging huge money on building and eventually burning of Ravana’s effigies still makes more economical sense than the new President’s ideas for USA’s financial woes.

Still sobbing over the conclusion of The Newshour Theatre after Arnab Goswami’s resignation, we bring to you all the November edition of Enlightenment. With a tinge of satire in the Whacky section and the touch of creativity in Creations, we continue to celebrate the spirit of L&Tites in @Home section. The Picture of the Month section continues to give meaning to the otherwise inconsequential moments in our lives. So keep appreciating, commenting and liking our articles and keep reading Enlightenment.

Team Enlightenment.

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