Going the distance…Rishov Sarkar

12241713_978021825599157_979458088779939379_n_1Rishov Sarkar an employee of L&T-S&L, studied in Delhi Public School, Dhaligaon (Assam). A passionate runner and a diehard fan of cold play considers himself lucky to work in California for LTSL as he got a chance to attend the concert of cold play in Soldier field, Chicago.


Cold Play concert – Soldier field, Chicago.

Why Running?

“I have always enjoyed sports and running is the best way to stay fit mentally and physically. Running gives core strength to the lower part of the body and is also a good way to relieve stress. Besides running is fun.”


Sprint running, Chicago

Who inspired you?

“I saw people of all ages especially children, women, physically disabled and the old sweating it out in Chicago running trails which gave me the inspiration to run. Since then I started to run be it heat or rain. I got a lot of encouragement from the people which motivated me to cover more distances.”

How did you start?

“I got a chance to stay in Chicago for a year where I joined Nike+ run club. The club has professional running coaches and pace group leaders who guide the aspiring runners to achieve their respective goals. They also advise on the type of cross training’s/ workouts to do, nutrition required and gears/accessories.”


Snap with the Nike+ Group

Your achievements so far?


Chicago marathon finisher’s medal

“I have completed a 5km run in 22 min and 4 seconds.”

“I have completed a 10 Miler race in 1 hour and 24 minutes.”

“I have completed half marathon in 1 hour and 47 minutes.”

“I have completed a marathon in 4 hours and 40 minutes.”

Any good memory you would like to share?


 post-Chicago marathon click

“The Chicago marathon 2016 with 45000 participants was the best experience for me of all the races I participated this year. Awesome weather and kind people cheering in the stands and offering nutrition to the runners throughout the race course was the best part. I burst out with happiness as I crossed the 42 kilometres line. It was amazing to see people with tears and smiles on their faces, hugging and congratulating each other.”

How has this changed you?

“Running has taught me that I can do more than I can think of. It has made me stand up whenever I fall. It has also helped me eat more pizzas. ”

Any other activity apart from jogging?

“I love playing soccer and badminton. I have been playing badminton since 6th standard. I usually play at Siri Fort, Delhi.”


Doubles at Siri Fort, New Delhi

Any guidance for readers?

“Yes. Begin the wonderful journey although there is no finish line, encourage others, spread compliments. It makes everyone (including YOU) feel better. I hope www.runnersworld.com can be your online buddy to transform you into a better runner. Happy Running”

-As conveyed to Gaurav Tourani (LMB)

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Nice… Keep it up dude…

Ritwick Das

Way to go rishov
Keep running …..
Keep inspiring ……….

Dweependra Nath Kalita

Great, Rishov……Viva La Vida!


Great…Last pic dekh ke badminton khelne ka mann kargaya..


times when, we all used to play