The Carnival is Over

By: Natasha Almeida Britto  (LDA, Lonavla)


And as the dust rose with all the stepping feet,

The deafening sounds of carousels & giant wheels

The evening sky darkened,

The carnival lit up with coloured lights & sounds unheard of,

Lights almost blinding.

As she walked amongst the galaxy of people, she stumbled upon a bracelet

The touch of smooth rounded beads almost aroused her, felt warm on her cheek.

He watched from afar, the radiance of her porcelain hands

How they shimmered in warm artificial lights.

He made a sign, tried to call,

When she looked in his eyes she knew the bracelet belonged to him

And with her naughty smile she ran in the other direction.

In the conundrum of faces & wandering bodies,

Her eyes lit up as she took voyeuristic pleasure in his chase.

She ran like there was no tomorrow, assuming his chase would never end.

She stopped, panting, turned around,

She lost him.

In a promise to herself,

She said she would return the next day.

Anxiously anticipating their next meet, she smiled to herself,

With the glitter of the man’s wares etched in her mind,

She knew where she would find him…

Wearing her best clothes with transparency in them & in her soul

With that hope of desire & sweet pain,

With longing & lust,

With temptation & fresh memory,

She walked to the carnival.

And they said, “The carnival is over.”

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Great writing!!! Keep writing for Enlightenment