By: Ananya Majumdar (LT MHPS)

If you have grown up mesmerised by Sherlock or travelled places with Poirot solving mysteries, or even all those action movies trying to escape   Have you ever felt that Gosh! How I wish I was able to do it in real life? Searching for clues, solving them, puzzles and escaping a deadly attack on humanity? Ahh, the relief you experience then… Well, Ctrl.Shift.Esc is the perfect place to be in that case.et00026034


Ctrl.Shift.Esc is located in Hauz Khas Village and Sector-29, Gurgaon. We chose HKV for obvious reasons, which is located away from the main dining area. At first sight, it seemed we were definitely at the wrong address trying to enter someone’s flat. But, the insides had a different story to tell. So, don’t just judge from the out and walk away.


Make sure you make a reservation for the whole group, since there are only two puzzles, for 1 hour duration, only two groups can avail a time slot. Without reservations, you might have to wait for some time. We had made our reservation for two people and made the balance payment after reaching there. And yes… they accept cards!!!


We were asked to sign in a contract stating, we are solely responsible for whatever befalls us in the room… if we go missing or turn into a zombie is not the concern of the management. 😛

I was scared whether I would really turn into a Zombie (which my friends assured I wouldL). However, the wall in the entrance filled with thoughts of satisfied visitors, assured me, no one would really meet a scary end. However, pregnant woman and claustrophobic people better stay away from this place. inside


We were locked in a dark room infected with virus that turn humans to zombies. Apparently the doctors working on the antidote have all died and we are left to find the solution from their research work. And all we have is 60mins to find the antidote and emerge as living souls or join the world of the living dead. 266544_4


The room set the mood of the task, with array of items relevant or irrelevant to the mission spread around. Be it, bloody clothes or number matrices or letters, each object is just meant to lead to the next or confuse further. Each and every object in the room had a purpose and some of us just uselessly wasted time on certain things confidently chanting
“Äise hi thori na rakha hoga!! Farzi thori hoga!!” Whenever we got lucky interpreting a clue, we would be ecstatic ! ctrlshiftesc-2


The best results will be achieved if you work as a team and solve the clues as they come your way. With numerous number and alpha locks hiding secrets, observation-based clues, and innumerable red herrings, it can be a mind boggling game. However, the feeling after each successful solution of clue was unbeatable.


A camera was constantly watching us noting our every silly move or remarks (you can imagine being in BIGBOSS :P) and guiding us where we got really stuck. Whenever, we acted silly, we would end up commenting on each other that the people watching us would go crazy laughing at our stupidity. But, its all for fun and we enjoyed.


The clock keeps ticking on the screen in the room and surprisingly we did not realise how the time flew. Other than the occasional reminders from friends that we had very little time left, we would hardly pay attention to the clock. We behaved like dedicated scientists trying to work out the antidote.ctrlshiftesc


To get out of the room after finishing the puzzle. In our case, it was to turn the red light to green, which would indicate that the virus is gone. And the satisfaction you will have after having done it is beyond measure.


After we were out of the room after completion of the task,  we clicked photos with the tags in display blaming each other for the loss by tagging them “STUPID”or “DHAKKAN” while claiming to be “GENIUS” ourself.img-20161121-wa0019


Ummm… it’s a little costly but I think it was totally worth and money well spent. We just escaped a zombie attack, so paying that much is worth it, isn’t it? 😉

For other details, its best to visit www.ctrlshiftesc.in

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I am thinking of a competition like this in Faridabad campus!!!
This one was a motivation for planning the same.

the former

I must commend you on the fantastic write up. Makes me want to visit this place right away. Keep up with your awesome reviews 🙂


Thank you. Please do visit. 🙂