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delhi_smog_1478513562325The Salman Khan of all months, be it the Roman calendar (10th month) or the Modern calendar (12th month), December has always ended the year. In addition, the fog has given a rather theatrical welcome to the month of December.

A lot has happened in the past few days, Trump being elected as the 45th President of The United States of America, Demonetisation of the Indian currency, and more recently the news of Amma passing away. All of these have affected the nation in many different ways and given the quick succession of events, it seems too much to digest.

The past cannot be changed but only accepted, so let’s move forward to this month’s Enlightenment edition.

For Writers corner we have an added element of poetry this time. Three features, “Sangeen Bayan-e-Taj” (Hindi) where the poet is talking about Taj Mahal from his point of view, “a poetic description of first baby sitting night by a deprived father” (Bengali) – the name says it all and finally the poem “The Carnival is Over” (English) which talks about a girl who falls in love at first sight in a carnival. Additionally, there is an article “Everyday”, which sets a beautiful example of one having a vision and not just myopic view to be happy in life. Seeing how people are inclined towards fitness, there is an article “Eat, Sleep, RUN, Repeat!!” which is a first person narration on the joy of running as well as some experiences from L&T-ites who ran in the Airtel Half Delhi Marathon.

For those who always desired to be one of the Famous Five or Secret Seven from the works of Enid Blyton, the review on the establishment “Ctrl.Shift.Esc” is for you, a place where you are given 60 minutes to solve a mystery and for bookaholics we have a book review on “A White Trail” which documents the difficulties faced by minorities in Pakistan.

We have added a new section in this edition, “The Good, Bad and the Ugly”, where people have shared their views on Demonetisation and how it has affected their personal lifestyle. Feel free to add your views and feelings on the subject (funny, not funny, and otherwise) in the comments section!

All birds have not lost their way, some have still not given up on their creative pursuits. We urge you to go through Creations section where L&Tites showcase their talent.

Walking on the river seems legit in Ladakh, experience the journey to Zanskar River in this edition’s travelogue, “The Penguin Walk”.

“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.” – says Marc Riboud, a renowned French photographer. Having quoted this, the pictures in the POM section will definitely delight you.

Learn of what’s happening nearby in the Events section which covers exciting and upcoming events in Delhi. Now you’re ready and armed for the fun times to come!


We, the editorial team at Enlightenment send our wishes early this festive season – MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR! We hope this edition of Enlightenment adds that extra sparkle in your life. So let’s start the end of the year on a joyous note!
Team Enlightenment

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