By – Ali Tarab Rizvi (LTSL)

Coz we all are ‘Tea’totalers

No matter how much backbreaking the work pressure is, or how much a person is neck-deep into his or her job, somewhere down the line there  is a  natural tendency to move away from our very own seat for some tea break and also spend some time with ourselves or with our pals or our fellow-colleagues.

This period, though seemingly unproductive, actually proves helpful to release the work-stress, hence increasing the cheerfulness and thereby making a person more productive, if not efficient, to take challenges.

Having said that, let me take you to L&T Faridabad campus’ very own tea house – Café4Break.

The café started its journey in the campus on 2nd January 2016. Since then, this place has become a part and parcel of our daily lives. Be it  gossiping with friends or spending some leisure time , this place gives you enough room for getting out of the stress generated due to continuously moving cog-wheels of the work cycle. It is also a decent place for breakfast (or brunch) for many of us in the campus. They allow you to bring in your own eatables also to have with tea or other snacks.


The beverages range from coffee to teas in different exciting flavors, the all-time favorite being the Ginger Tea and the Tulsi Tea, given our fondness to these herbs. In snacks, the bread-omelettes and veg. noodles are a delicacy. The choices ranging from patties to chicken salami burgers, all at reasonable and pocket-friendly prices, make this place popular and likeable.

Therefore, on their first anniversary in our campus, Cafe4Break definitely deserves a felicitation for their efforts to serve the campus whole-heartedly synonymous to  an “oasis in the desert” where one can just sit and relax .


Meet Manoj and Hari Om, the staff of Cafe4Break, who serve the campus tirelessly and patiently.

 Photos Courtesy :  Arindam Banik

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I need to visit it…


OMG!!! Dont tell me you never visited Cafe4Break????

Give a high five from my side to manoj and hari om!!!