A New Year- A New You

By:  Yogita  M. Sharma (LT MHPS)

Nothing has changed except the year on the calendar, is it really so?

A lot is different if you want to see, do you need me to tell you what you already know?

It’s been a year for you to grow, to fail, to suffer or to succeed,

Trust me, the primary reason behind it, was you and your deeds,

Be responsible for the aura that you carry along,

Everything has an after effect, even listening to a song,

It matters what we think, how we sit, how we walk or talk,

Believe me, you can paint events of your life, with your actions as the chalk,

Life provides us the things that we repeatedly ask for and try to achieve,

Without putting efforts from our end, nothing are we going to receive,

Have you ever heard somebody topped the exam without appearing for the same?

Or a team that won the trophy without playing the game?

Or can you get a new hair cut without going to a barber,

Or can the phone charge itself without plugging in the charger?

All of these may sound funny to you that am I insane to say all of these,

But how do we expect our life’s vehicle go smoothly without putting our dedication’s grease? 

Isn’t it silly to ask something without throwing yourself wholly and solely into it,

There’s no dark in the Universe which can survive even after you are lit,

I’ll not ask to  stand and show up, I’ll rather request to determine and do,

You’ll feel accomplished even in losing, if your trial was true,

Go on and have faith that you’re capable of doing what your dream deserves,

God helps them who help themselves, that saying still preserves.

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