Be Human, Save Aleppo!

By: Writer Thinks a Lot (LT MHPS)

Before I start writing this article, I would like you to spare a few minutes and observe the images below:


The above images are not scenes from a movie. This is the present day scene in the city of Aleppo where innocent civilians are being mass-murdered ruthlessly on the orders of a dictator president. People not aware about the holocaust in Aleppo may visit the following links and then continue reading this article:

Even on the seeing the above images, there will be many who won’t read this article, feeling pestered and sighing that it is yet another heavy dose on moral values.

Of course, why should you overburden yourself with “someone else’s” problems. It is not mandatory to be sensitive towards  another’s plight.

But I INSIST, you read on because there is a part of our world that needs us.

We are sad about the plight of the civilians suffering in Aleppo. We have “dared to form an opinion” and “talk” about it, isn’t that enough??

No it’s not enough. There is a part of this world that needs us to get into action. People are dying, a 2- year old is brutally murdered every 5 minutes. Innocent people, families like us are forced to leave their homes behind and run for their lives, they have nowhere to hide and keep themselves safe. Hospitals, schools, homes are bombed into ashes and ruins. Aleppo is suffering the holocaust caused by its DICTATOR President, a mass-murder, a man-driven massacre, “Human Beings Not Being Human Anymore”.

It’s been over 5 years with this continuous war-like situation there. Some kids don’t even know the meaning of a fearless  life. They don’t even know the meaning of a smile, a laugh, celebration, safety, security and happiness. The smiles have perished and there are tears everywhere. And we are “SAD” about it because we are so “compassionate and sensitive” about world peace and the sufferings of fellow human beings in other countries. We are “talking and discussing” about it as if it is going to save the next human targeted to be shot dead by the armed forces  in the next 5 minutes. And we believe, that’s all we can “do”.

The clock is ticking and it is bringing more and more people closer to a forced death. And so there is no scope for any further delay. Stop being so hypocritical and stop acting as if you “care”, if you can’t pull-up your sleeves and “actually get going”. It’s high time we turn our words into actions and take fruitful and sensible measures to extend help to the distressed in Aleppo. Go spread the word, Donate. Make more and more people aware about it. There are many videos uploaded by the people of Aleppo. Make the videos go viral. Try to reach out international organisations and plead, donate and do everything possible to save the remaining innocents in Aleppo.

According to the United Nations Office for Coordination of Humanitarian affairs, there are 13.5 million people in Syria who require humanitarian assistance. In addition to United Nations’ organizations, there are numerous humanitarian groups working to provide relief to the millions of people affected by President Assad’s regime. Here are some of the top agencies on the ground, where you can donate:

  1. The United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR)
  2. International Committee of the Red Cross
  3. The White Helmets
  4. Doctors Without Borders
  5. Islamic Relief USA
  6. International Rescue Committee

The  links are provided below :

A simple guide to donating money impactfully and efficiently in international emergencies like Aleppo

How You Can Help the Victims of Aleppo

And now, for those who feel that Aleppo has never been of any use to us, and so why should we help the people there?

For them, all I have to say is BE HUMAN and think sensibly. They have never been in a position to help us, because they have never been a “free nation”. We have been fortunate enough to never have faced such an inhuman dictatorship ever since Independence. And these people I am talking about have never seen Independence. Why can’t we step in their shoes and try to imagine their situation and decide to help them?? It is very easy to say that they are not my children, that  that is   not my home, but true heroism is in helping those who are not our children and in building homes that are not ours.

Here’s a small example of how people around the world are doing much more than just their bit.

The toy smuggler of Aleppo: The man who brings gifts, food and medicines to children in Syrian war zones.

Rami Adham has been on 28 trips to bring toys, food and medicine to children in Syria. After five years of civil war, Syrian children living in war zones have little to look forward to. But one man is attempting to bring gifts to Syrian children, along with essential food and medicines.

Rami Adham, a 44-year-old father of six, is a Finnish-Syrian originally from Aleppo , but who has lived in Finland since 1989.


For the past five years he has dedicated his life to helping children in Syria and has now visited the war-torn country on 28 occasions, bringing over 80 kg of donated toys across the border from Turkey on each trip.

We are quite a strong nation. We must help them. I hope that after reading my article, there are at least a few who are enlightened and have decided to “DO” something for these innocent fellow beings in Aleppo.

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