Best of Reviews (2016)

 By : Team Enlightenment

With potful number of movies , books and leisure destinations coming up across the city every month , our team has embraced the opportunity to share with the readers some of the experiences  and views under the Review section .

The section has enjoyed a great popularity in the last year hopes to bring some wonderful reviews in the upcoming editions too .

In this year’s first edition we have incorporated  the five most popularly viewed reviews of the year 2016  and we hope our readers have a good time while reading them !


 1. The Lord of the Drinks – Unleash the Party Animal

An intricately authored review on the ‘The Lord of the Drinks’ by Mr. Ayush Jain acknowledges the restaurant for its intriguing designs , majestic bar , sumptuous food and exotic cocktails .

The review perfectly embodies every minute detail and encourages the readers to visit the place and indulge all their senses.

For complete review , follow the link :


2. Kingdom of Dreams

A crisp and measured review on the ‘Kingdom of dreams’ by Ms. Ananya Majumdar captures the dreamland beautifully .

The review is well organized and give the readers a concise yet clear knowledge about the glamour packed entertainment , myriad food choices and various other attraction points available at the place .

For complete review , follow the link :


3. Har Har Mahadev

Another brilliant review written by Ms. Ananya Majumdar on the “The Immortals of Meluha”, the 1st book of the Shiva Trilogy by Amish Tripathi. 

The review aptly presents the subject to the readers and then appropriately describes the  the central characters  and the narrative style . The review is gripping enough to compel the readers to read the book ateast for once .

For complete review , follow the link :


4. Restaurant Review – Have you been Farzified yet ?

A very impressive review on the ‘Farzi café ‘ by Ms. Ashruti Baranwal describes the modern bistro with a desi heart in a tasteful style .

The review describes the culinary styles and ambiance , innovative experiments from both bar & kitchen , creative offerings by the restaurant and much more….

For complete review , follow the link :


5. Dig(in) It !

The review is an honest and transparent opinion on the Diggin Café by Ms.Shruti Vairagkar. It is a well structured review that beautifully integrates the details that a person needs to know before digging into food at this place .

The review talks about  the unique  décor and ambience of the restaurant ,  flavor and taste of the dishes and much more….

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