Best of Writer’s Corner (2016)

By:  Team Enlightenment

Another year has unfolded and new year resolutions are being made, just to be dumped in a week or so after they’re made. With  Britain opting  out of the EU and MS Dhoni  opting  out of Captaincy  of the Indian cricket team,  Aleppo falling and falling hard and the the duties of the Brazil and Korean Presidents being impeached mutually independently in another part of the world , Republicans  ‘Trumping’  Democrats after eight long years, Demonetization hogging the limelight on US Election poll day , and Indian women making the country proud  at the international stage in Rio in a year which dealt major blows to the ‘woman’ figurehead , the world has moved on  and so has enlightenment .

Enlightenment went  online finally, publishing  an eclectic collection of articles  from the most diverse of domains, presenting itself very artistically. Many new concepts and sections were tried out. Some succeeded while  some didn’t . Nonetheless , we preserved our core as it is with ‘Writers Corner ‘, ‘Reviews’ , ‘POM’ and ‘@Home ‘. Here we are, presenting to you a synopsis of the most viewed articles in one of our core sections – The Writer’s Corner. A point worth noting is how each article is from a different domain ranging from Sport to Classical Dance to Management right upto to Love & Friendship.


1. Celebrating Friendship

A perfectly put article to cap Friendship Day in an edition which was released in the Friendship Day week . An engaging title and a cute little featured image probably did the trick to get the hits . The very sweet Ms. Priyarupa Sinha   lets her writing speak for itself , narrating an episode in the First person to highlight why one must choose friendship over distrust and suspicion when the situation arises and how most people do otherwise .

For complete article , follow the link :


2. The Work of Leadership

With so many budding leaders in this vast organisation , it is no surprise that this read makes the top three. A piece inspired by content from The Harvard Business Review, Mr. Sandeep Dahiya explains how every hurdle faced in a professional environment can be Bifurcated into ‘Technical challenge‘ and ‘Adaptive Challenge ‘ to arrive at a solution more efficiently .

For an in- depth read , please follow :


3. Epitome of Classical Dances

India being home to such a diverse culture and a variety of traditional dance forms, this article is bound to to be up there and generally a piece penned down by the very sociable, Mr. Ayush Jain, doesn’t go unnoticed! Here he describes his blissful experience at a classical dance event in Delhi, narrating details with a fair share of adjectives to emphasize on his state of mind at the time.

Please follow the link at :


4. MSD- The Trust of every Indian Cricket Fan

A smooth and breezy read highlighting how important this man has been to get Indian Cricket to where it is today.  Mr. Rijul Nadkarni, a huge Dhoni fan himself, leaves no ‘turf’ unturned to highlight the selfless and modest nature of the former Indian Captain. With him having recently stepped down from the helm , there is no better time to revisit this piece.

You can find the full article at:


5. Love by Deal

‘Love By Deal !! ‘ is a wonderful piece jotted down by our very own ‘Love Guru ‘ – Ms. Pritha Banerjee . It gives a perfect example of how Love is an emotion and not a feeling. It can strike you anywhere and anytime. With Valentine’s Month coming up, stay tuned for more from Pritha .

Read the article in detail :

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