IN FOCUS – Mr. Prem Prakash Akhauri

Team Enlightenment is happy to welcome Mr. Prem Akhauri as its new Editor-in-chief. The first interaction with him gave an insight to a different side of him which is very different from his professional responsibilities. We wish for a long association with him and hope Enlightenment prospers under him.


Here is a glimpse of the interview with Mr. Akhauri:

Brief description about yourself

“Presently I head the HR function of L&T-MHPS Pvt Ltd having worked earlier with NTPC,Moser Baer and Reliance Power. My father was an accomplished surgeon and my mom lives with us.My better half Seema is a homemaker and my two kids-Divya & Yash are studying in JNU and BITS Pilani respectively. My schooling took place at St.Xavier’s Durgapur and DeNobili School,Dhanbad and higher  education at Chandigarh and Allahabad. I believe that learning is as natural and necessary in life as every breath we take . I am also presently pursuing PhD from Symbiosis and have MBA in HRM,Law and BCom qualifications under my belt.”

We all know Prem Akhauri in his work role. But who is he outside of work?

“I love socializing and travelling and am connected with people through all conceivable modes available today. I like to read anything that interests me at the moment and love to experiment with new things in life. I am firm believer in karmic philosophy of life and therefore one must make the best use of one’s life for larger good and live every moment of it.”

One word that defines you.


One Life Mantra-

When the going goes tough, the tough gets going.

We’ve heard your melodious tones on various occasions. How did you get into singing?

I always had fascination for Mohammad Rafi and hum his songs often. Quite late in life, I started getting appreciation for my casual singing, hence transcended from bathroom singer to small group singer.

Any tips on Singing for the budding talents.

All of us can sings since it is as instinctive as speaking. Each one of us is gifted uniquely so far as this faculty goes and must try to express without hesitation or evaluation from others. It is a great stress buster and a wonderful hobby to pursue. There are so many karaoke apps available today which will make your voice look sublime. Please try them.

We have heard you have taken up writing Shayari as a new hobby. What made you a shayar suddenly after all this years?


I believe that humans are gifted with innate capabilities which they must discover and express. We are gifted with intellect which is unique and personal based on our own experiences in life. With this belief, I have started penning down “Khayals”/ “Thoughts” that comes to my mind not bothering about technicalities of poetry or shayari. These verses are composed in few minutes, hence crude at this stage. I have a repository of 826 lines of my “Khayals” which I will polish someday and release it for posterity.



Please share some lines of your Khayals.

सोंचता रह गया जीवन भर

वक्य गुज़रता गया अपनी रफतार पर

देखा जब पहाडो़ को अकड़ कर अपनी जगह खडा़ हुआ

हवा की झोको ने उसे छोटा कर दिया

मगर लघु नदी ने अपनी अनंत बहाव से

जोड़ता गया संभावनाओं को

बिशाल सागर पर अपना कब्जा़ बनाया

सोंचो मगर थमो नहीं

व्कत की चुनौतियों से डरो नहीं

संक्लप और निष्ठा से बढ़े चलो

वक्त को अपनी सिकंज मे कसे चलो..

ऐ खुदा  मुझे भी खुदा बना दे

या खुदाई का ईल्म सिखा दे

शैतानो के विशाल विज्ञापन के आगे

तेरी बूत अब छोटी दिखने लगी है

कर्ण की दानवीरता भूलने लगे हैं लोग

चोरों के परोपकारी कर्मो के समक्ष

देशद्रोही अब बने हुए हैं मसीहा

आम इन्सान बना हुआ है अपाहिज

संस्कार की बेड़ियां तोड़ नही पा रहा

सही या गलत का फर्क कर नहीं पा रहा

ऐ खुदा  मुझे भी खुदा बना दे..

Have you considered giving music to your shayari and performing them?

Too early today at this stage since quality of my singing and khayals are too nascent I would say. But it is my desire to stage a performance one day before I kick the bucket.

We know you to take interest in Sports too. What are the areas and how you started them?

I don’t remember when my affinity with games and sports began. In school and college days I was good in all the sports but excelled in field sports more than sprints. I have many medals to my credit though I have not been able to preserve them with me due to frequent shifting. These days I like swimming and playing tennis on weekends.

How do you feel to be the New EIC of Team Enlightenment?

I see this as an opportunity to express my feelings with a splash of creative writing and intellectual thoughts. I thank all those who considered me worthy for leading this forum.

Any words for our readers to feel motivated – be it music, writing or sports just like you.

Remember we are humans and we have both left and the right brain to take care of. Explore creative avenues for yourself and you will feel delighted to indulge in them. Always bear in mind that health is wealth and you must practice comprehensive well-being by balancing mind, body and soul.

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Welcome sir!!

Hope to read a lot from you in future…

Happy, that a Shayar at heart is Editor-in-Chief of this lovely piece of literary work…


Lots of praise to “enlightenment”. Delighted to know about Mr. Prem Akhauri. Regards-Ajay

G Srinivas

Very nice n inspiring article sir . Also Encourage people to open up

Babu Paluru

We thank this forum which has given us a platform to know few more untold information about our Boss.

Mohit Shrivastava

Very nice to see and read your original thoughts… Reflects your mature thinking and astute observation… waiting for the book on your what’s to to be published.