The Flickering Humanity

By Abhilash Dushyant Khanvilkar (L&T MHPS Boilers)

An ideal world where humanity is the most acclaimed virtue, where respect to all creatures living is a religion, where gender is just a physical depiction and freedom is not mistaken as ‘fulfillment of self-motive’, is a thought after an afterthought that yes, a world so is prospective. However, here’s a layman’s question, if there exists this utopian world, how will the wheel of life continue to turn? This question is based on the ‘assumed fact’ that after a dark night shines the morning sun. But I find sheer darkness, chaos, liberation of the wrong ideology and commencement of a want for the wrong freedom.

Chaos 1

Divided we all stand today on the pedestal of right and wrong, blaming none but everyone around, not ourselves, because we have understood it ‘incorrectly’ that I cannot be wrong, I am educated, I am well-read, I follow the laws of the land to a great extent, I am a responsible citizen yet I don’t hesitate to throw a cola can on the road, Why? Because there is no dustbin on the road, the government hasn’t provided me one in my vicinity. My tax money is used only for their revels. Oh god! What has this world turned to? No hope, no hope!

Yes, I shout so. Many times, don’t you? I blame every time, don’t you? I never look at myself, I am that spectator in the crowd, that entity created by god that blames and is unhappy with every aspect of the society. Film stars acquitted, demonetization freezing my funds, GST nowhere around the corner, a questionable media, a void in personal life, cultural traditions questioned and humanity depreciating day by day.

‘Being Human’ – a right slogan under the wrong shadow is a term to absorb. Amidst all the complexity of life, I forgot to be a bit of what I was born as, ‘A HUMAN’, made of feelings, made of affection, and made of compassion.

Being considerate to the less fortunate, compassionate for speechless beings who too deserve a worthy life, awareness that respect for the opposite gender is not a choice but  common sense, liberty to act as we please does not translate into being a social nuisance and maturity to understanding that any person’s sexuality is solely his/her choice.  These are the thoughts we should bear in our conscience. The world is populated by humans, humans are able to have emotions, emotions are capable of driving great revolution and togetherness can make this world a better place to live in.

Understanding that we are capable of creating a better society is more important than believing that ‘sticking to self-interest’ is the best way to survive. I rest my plea. Oh yes I was pleading, pleading with you to be a bit more of what we are and what we are meant to be – ‘Being Human’.

P.S – Don’t be the human BHAI is. Supporters of BHAI, c’mon be a sport, I am just using my freedom of speech. J

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