You Are The Illusionist And The Alchemist Of Your Life

By Arshi Zaki (L&T MHPS Boilers)

You had dreams.

You still have them. And you keep trying to make them a permanent part of life. Those dreams form a picture that keeps flashing before your eyes and lures you to escape into a deep ocean or dense deep woods of “How would it be IF….” But then a dementor shows up and drags you out of this ocean and these woods and makes sure that you do exactly the opposite of “How it would be IF you walked that extra mile into your ocean, your woods” and makes you continue with the monotony of lifelessly answering the question “How is life??” in just two words “Just fine” without even meaning it.


You are the Illusionist and The Alchemist of your life_Cover Pic

Why are you doing this to the gem inside you? Why are you trying to hide it or bury it deep inside, where it won’t be of any good and will, gradually stop being your essence?

Tell me, what assures you and makes you believe that you must sacrifice your dreams, your plans and discard all the possibilities that  dwell in that ocean, those words,  of “How would it be IF….” and miss the chance of finally being able to change it to “It is perfect and can’t be better!”

Trust me, it all lies inside you.

You are the Illusionist and the Alchemist of your life.

The illusionist is the same dementor who always manages to pull you out of your boundless world of possibilities and disillusions you into believing that life is meant to be lived without any spirit or vitality, incinerating all the chances of you tasting the elixir of life. This illusionist deludes you by engaging you into things that shouldn’t really matter.

Why do you want to keep slogging and temporarily impress your fellows who will very soon forget your hard work and will “sue” you for every micro-mistake you commit.

Wake up and bring out the alchemist from within and set yourself free from this monotony of fake smiles. Uncover that old canvas, those paints, clean those brushes and paint your happiness. Uncover that old forgotten guitar and play your heart out. Brush those jogging shoes and run, keep running until you hear your heart pound and your lungs are ready to burst, run until you break your own records, run and set yourself free!

Now is the time and it will neither wait, nor come back. Follow your heart, pursue your dreams. Let the alchemist within you turn you into gold.

Now, I am not asking you to necessarily quit your present source of bread and butter. I am not asking you to just leave everything behind and walk into an unknown land. Responsibilities must be taken seriously.

All I intend here is to prepare you to walk that extra mile, making use of the interstices. Manage time and make the maximum out of it by getting involved in something productive instead of simply sitting there and sulking and wasting those few minutes, if not hours, that I believe, everyone can spare every day.

Your ocean, your woods, your mountains and hills are right in front of you, just a mile away. No doubt, you have walked a lot, worked quite hard and achieved quite a lot. But your treasure is still a mile away.

Go, walk that extra mile and be the owner of the “treasure chest” that will give you an endless joy and will make you a “life enthusiast”.

Venture into your hobbies, never let them go.

There is only one life, don’t take it slow.

Reach out to the stars, and one day you’ll be a star

Be ambitious always. Come on, make it large!

Make memories to cherish when you grow real old

Your blood is warm today, it will soon get cold

Before the curtain of life drops down and you perish

Make sure you leave your stories for your kids to cherish….

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Very nice article Arshi…


Well written Arshi!!!
Its true that we forget to pursue our dreams as our life gets burdened with responsibilities and our priorities change. But, indeed pursuing our interests can leave us really happy. We should all find some time to do that we really love!!!