Creations- Art Work at L&T

The artist is not a special kind of person; rather each person is a special kind of artist.

Showcasing here,  great pieces of art by fellow L&T-ites. Explore the hidden artist in you and share your creations with all through us…

To participate, send in your entries to

Parul Gaur-2

Deva Shri Ganesha, by Parul Gaur, L&T-MHPS (Faridabad)

Udit Singhal

Dragon Clash, by Udit Singhal, L&T-MHPS (Faridabad)

Saif Saiyed

Tribute to Mirza Asadullah Beg ‘Ghalib’ , by Saif Saiyed, L&T-MHPS (Faridabad)


The God’s Messenger, by Yogita M Sharma, L&T-MHPS (Hazira)

Mahesh Mathivanan

The Couple, by Mahesh Mathivanan, L&T-MHPS (Faridabad)

Arunima Mukherjee

The Double Faced, by Arunima Mukherjee, Cousin of Pritha Banerjee, L&T-MHPS (Faridabad)

Manasranjan Sutar ( RBG)

Love is forever, by Manasranjan Sutar, RBG (Faridabad)

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