IN FOCUS – Mr. Anubhav Mishra

This month’s IN-focus focuses on Anubhav Mishra, of L&T-Gulf. Born in Odisha, he has lived in many cities like Mumbai, Lucknow, Kolkata, Surat, Raipur, Bolpur (West Bengal) and now in Faridabad.


He joined L&T as a GET in 2011 and has been a part of the company since then. Apart from the obvious Odia, Hindi and English, he can speak Bengali and claims to understand Gujarati and a bit of Assamese as well.

Were you involved in extracurricular activities in your school days?

Actually, I have always loved to be involved in extracurricular activities since my childhood days. I have represented my school, Army Public School, Ballygunge, Kolkata in inter-branch debate competition.

I have participated in inter-school chess competition, representing City Montessori School, Lucknow.

The most memorable one is the inter-school Rowing Competition in Kolkata. I will always cherish the memories of that competition as it was a very unique experience.

I have also represented my school in inter-school Table Tennis tournament and have captained my college, NIT Surat’s table tennis team.


With the Winner’s Trophy of Table Tennis competition in our campus

Most of the engineers come with stage fear. You don’t seem to have any!

I have loved public speaking since my school days. I used to participate in debate and extempore competitions a lot during my school days.

Standing on stage with hundreds of people looking at you while you try to capture their attention and entertain them is a challenge I love to take up. I used to do anchoring in my college fests. I’ve done a lot of anchoring in L&T Faridabad’s events also, including the Annual function.


Performing at Taal Se Taal Mila

There is always something that one can spend hours with, forgetting the world around him. What is that for you?

Give me my guitar and I will be lost in it for hours. I love composing my own tunes. I’m madly in love with my Fender electric guitar. I can spend hours on end with my guitar.

Any activities you are clinked to now?

 I’m attracted a lot to creative stuff like painting, poetry etc. I write poetry when I feel a sudden spark of creativity.

Please share something you have written-

This describes the agony of finding out that the world is not as beautiful as we fantasize after leaving Home!
In the middle of the desert
Like the wind searching for a soul
With the distant gaze glaring far
Into the lifeless road.

The fraudulent ocean waters
Have drifted my ship far away
The sails are flying high
But the devils are craving for more.

My senses are awake
A brutal war raging within
The painting is different from what I sought
But the brush listens no more.

The thunder is deafening
The storm smiles at the weak
The rains do not inspire love
The world mocks the fables I adore.

The mountain commands awe
The poet bedecks it with sublime words
But the mountaineer cries foul
With every inch of crooked stone.

The river was not meant to turn this way
Lovers did not play along this ghastly sight
The lyrical whispers of the crescent water
Was just the veil of this dissonant tune.

The enigma of the wild
Is the fantasy of a cub
Courage flies along the young beast
But the river of emotions,
Is to be crossed alone.

The dreadful fantasy has been lived
The child in me now awaits at the door
To the love to which I always belonged
Yes!!!!! I’m now going back HOME!!!!

I also sometimes sketch during my past-time.



In L&T, I am an active member of Dhanush, the Recreation Club of our campus. Being a part of it has made my office life more lively and enjoyable.With a small team of 5 members, we tried to inculcate a quizzing culture in our campus through Quizofire. I love conducting and hosting the monthly quiz in the campus.

I was also a part of the team entrusted with reviving Enlightenment after it had entered into a brief hiatus. An altogether new team, with some of the old members, was formed.


With the Enlightenment Team

We took the bold step of taking the magazine online and are now reaping the benefits with the magazine doing really good!

Team Enlightenment has seen members leaving and new ones joining, but the spirit of this endeavour has lived on.

Being a part of Surbaan, our Music club, has helped continue my love for music even in office. We had formed our very own band in campus, The Troopers, with Gangeyo on vocals, Karthik Sitaraman on drums, Kranti on keyboard, Srivats on base, Raghvendra on acoustic guitar and myself with the electric guitar.


Captaining L&T Faridabad football team was an amazing and proud experience.


Runners-up at Football Corporate Tournament

Leading the newly formed Literary club under Dhanush and working with an amazing group of creative and talented individuals is an opportunity to learn new things and try to unearth some hidden literary talents in our campus.

So Vadodara it is for you now..

It’s been an amazing 6 years here in L&T Faridabad. I’ll be leaving this campus in March for Vadodara, as LTG is shifting there, with a heavy heart and lots of great memories of this campus to live by…

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You have been an Amazing talent… Keep doing the great stuff wherever you go…