The Time Traveler’s Wife – Book Review

By  Abhishek Nanda (L&T S&L)


The Time Traveler’s Wife, the first novel by American author Audrey Niffenegger is a romantic science fiction. It has also been adapted into a full length feature film by the same name. The novel revolves around the love story of Henry, a man able to travel in time without any control and Clare, his wife who accepts him and adapts with him.

The book is written in first person, narrated by both Henry and Clare alternately from their perspectives. The narration switches between different time periods through the lifetime of Henry and how both of them experience the same event. It all starts with Henry accidentally travelling to Clare’s childhood.  In majority of his misadventures time and again, he ends up travelling to her unconsciously and their relation eventually matures into marriage.

It delves into the emotional life of Henry and Clare as well as their close friends. The book starts with an element of surprise, with the first few pages showcasing very perplexing events. Consequently, one starts anticipating these sudden ‘jumps in time’ as the story progresses and what ensues each event in time. The story beautifully captures the characters in love, i.e. Henry and Clare through each stage of their life.

It’s one of the best picks for romantic literature lovers, but without the cheesy decorum. The story grows on you gracefully as well as sensually, as you feel the love in everyday sense, the hurdles, the squabbles and the companionship. A perfect read for this month of love.

And she wrote,

“I love. I have loved. I will love. 

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