By  Rijul Nadkarni (RBG)

For long I had wished,

For someone beside me.

To share new experiences with,

And recount old ones.

Then I found you,

And that need began to fade.

You elate me,

In so many different ways.

I can come to meet you,

Whenever my heart desires.

You’re always waiting for me,

And of me you never tire.

You stun me with your beauty,

Every time we meet,

And I always leave your embrace,

With new life breathed into me.

You sweep me off my feet,

In the same metaphorical sense

That romance,

Has sold for so long.

You lift my soul and surprise me.

You can be oh so gentle!

But you can also show strength,

In a way that thrills me.

I never expected to feel,

These strong emotions for you,

But Mother Nature,

I truly love you.

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