“O wind, if winter comes, can spring be far behind?”- Shelly.

Let the immortal line of the famous English poet set the mood of this month’s edition. As the winter chill is bidding adieu to entire nation and the gentle breeze touching the souls of the country, the people of India are gearing up for celebrating the festival of colour. India has a rich and diverse culture which is so close to nature. This is the time when the dry and bald trees get new buds, flowers begin to blossom. So how can we,  human beings, stay deprived of colours? That is why, probably this festival has become so popular that people from all ages and groups take part in it. You soak your friends, tease your love, show your respect to elders and embrace your children with colour. But, most importantly, you paint your own soul with colour. Such riot of colors can be found out in this edition also-be it in POM, or in Creations, or in @home, or at Writers corner, participants have beautifully painted every canvas with colours from their heart & soul.

However, let us not forget about the deprived lot whose life has become colorless due to demonetization. While you and I may be comfortable enough in the cashless economy, there are people who may not able to celebrate Holi this year due to no income. Let us hope that their sacrifices will bear the fruits in terms of cleansing our corrupt economy. The question is-can we, the luckier lot, make a difference to the lives of these people. Yes we can, and that is beautifully captured in “Let’s make a difference” by Arshi Zaki.

Coincidentally, this edition of Enlightenment is launched on a very auspicious day i.e. International Women’s day and I pen down few lines on this. Why do we have a single day on calendar for celebrating women’s day? I think it is very ironic or humiliating for women to mark a single day for them. Every day, every moment should be shared by man and women on the platform of equality. Women have immense contribution in every aspect, not only today, but from early dawn of civilisation. It is in the mind-set that needs to be changed and is very essential for the betterment of human civilisation. True form of prosperity can never be achieved without equal balance of the stick. Our member Ananya has also echoed the same in her wonderful narrative “Feminism to me”, where she has captured the essence of equality through her own journey. So, ladies, my humble request to you is, please don’t ask for reservations. Demand equality. Not only from the society, but also, from your family, friends, husband, children, colleagues, peers.  In a transforming India, I am sure this will not happen overnight. There will be many obstacles in claiming your equality, who would will want to suppress your voice. These kind of social dirt should not dampen your spirit. You must believe  that the light you are searching is within.  As Mother Teresa had said: “I alone cannot change the World, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”

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A good commentary if only you avoid mixing politics. Keeping to the intent of your topic and remaining neutral is the key.

prasenjit sen

Thank you for going through the Editorial.
I would like to clarify that there is no intention of mixing politics but to state some facts based on the current socio-economic situation. Sorry if it has been portrayed in wrong way. My apologies.