JUGAAD!!…Where there’s a will there’s a way.

1. Now this is what you call an assembled PC.

Source: kaskus

2.  Tractor + Road roller = Troller.

Source: imeche

3. Someone stole the driver’s seat? So what?

Source: boydom

4. This isn’t a lap dance. Just friends helping each other out.

Source: getmalayalam

5. And he entered the mandir without any worries.

Source: bandbajao

6. Even gully cricket has video referrals these days!

Source: google+

7. He was out of chutney…

Source: funnfun

8. That is a universal remote. Can work on any TV.

Source: bandbajao

9. Who says you can’t practice driving at home?

Source: indianfunnypicture

10. Can’t afford a car? No problem!

Source: indianfunnypicture

11. One AC, two rooms.

Source: dailymoss

12. Because a mirror is too conventional.

Source: dailymoss

13. Who says CDs are outdated?

Source: bandbajao

14. Behold the nal-key !

Source: fishki

15. How about some Gol monk tonight?

Source: mobypicture

16. Showered with creativity!

Source: bandbajao

17. No more trips to the kitchen…

Source: dailymoss

18. Iss ghadi ka waqt kharaab tha!

Source: twitter

19. Bum-box!

Source: bandbajao

20. A giant step for mankind…

Source: changaramkulam

21. The new AC coach!

Source: bandbajao

22. Just hanging around…

Source: storyepic

23. That’s called ‘Delling’ with a problem

Source: xaror

24. This playboy keeps his ride locked up.

Source: toplowridersites

25. Too bad we never got to see the face of this creative genius.

Source: memedroid

26. Motor by day, bike by night.

Source: blogspot

27. Just to steer around town.

Source: mountakhab

28. In case, he wanted to collect water.

Source: topmail

29. Is doodh mein iron ki shakti hai.

Source: desidime

30. Because boys don’t cry…

Source: humourr

31. Where danger meets brilliance…

Source: google+

32. Asli ujala switch on karke hoga!

Source: quora

33. He solved the CPU over-heating issue!

Source: funnyjugaad

34. He deserves a sitting ovation…

Source: izilol

35. Khella -brella?

Source: prikol

36. No fridge? No problem!

Source: desifukrey

37. Keeping cool!

Source: e9fun

38. This is definitely not a batting wicket.

Source: facebook

39. Pulsar 220 with 220 litre capacity.

Source: youtube

40. Beep beep! Oh sorry… Tring tring!

Source: google+

41. This has to be the coolest cooler…

Source: facebook

42. So this is where Harley Davidson got the design!

Source: blogspot

43. Who needs a tractor?

Source: funnfun

44. To all the other scoops… Fork you!

Source: masqueindia

45. Remember we used to stand on a scooter as kids? Well, not this kid!

Source: facebook

46. Ever seen a bike without an engine?

Source: stebok.net

47. Yes, the lock can actually stop the cloth inside from being stolen…

Source: blogspot

48. Pentium 4 cabinet

Source: projectsjugaad

49. So that mosquitoes get high and you can kill them when they’re tipsy.

Source: dnaindia

50. Hero Honda Splendid!

Source: e9fun

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