Let’s Make A Difference!

By Arshi  Zaki (L&T MHPS)

I love Italian cuisine! And what about Chinese? Duh…. Obviously! What about normal bread and butter? Well, I have it every day. I can have it anytime I want. But I am bored and I want to “eat something GOOD”.

The most comfortable place in this world? Obviously, HOME. Do you like your home? Of course. I love it. Why? Because I have family and friends living with and around me, a comfortable “room of my own”. I can have parties, enjoy with my family and friends and make memories to cherish when I am old.

BUT I want a “bigger house”. Oh and yes, a car also. I want to enjoy my life and live it to the fullest!

I am sure you have similar things going on in your life. Good food, good home, comfort – all these are a basic part of our life, our oxygen. And just like we cannot live without oxygen, we cannot imagine our life without these BASIC amenities.

Try skipping a meal when you are really tired and hungry. Painful, isn’t it? Now imagine living every single day of your life like this.

Waking up every morning with no surety of sleeping with a full stomach at the end of the day and in fact, not even having a decent place to sleep is, I believe, one of the greatest  concerns one can have in life.

I am not asking you to sacrifice your comfort. You have the right to enjoy your life but is it really acceptable to let our fellow human beings suffer the plight of poverty? How can we let them stay deprived of the “basic amenities” while we have more than enough to satisfy our “desires”?

Have you ever experienced an endless joy, satisfaction and pride, all at the same time? The people who have fed a poor, hungry kid know what I am talking about.

Poverty – such a common issue, so common that we have now accepted it as a part of our normal life. Some people believe that it is the duty of only NGOs and other charity organisations to address such matters. They feel it’s none of their business. They don’t realise that NGOs need our aid and if we stop being considerate, even organisations like the NGOs won’t be able to make a difference!

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We are fortunate enough that we can afford much more than the basic amenities of life. There are many who can only dream of a good life. They don’t have great memories to cherish when they are old. Some even cannot reach old-age because they are malnourished and/or suffering from multiple diseases as they can’t afford medication and treatment.

They cannot even afford a decent shelter and a square meal. There are people failing to manage the basic means for survival and kids – orphaned, weak.

We love our babies more than anything in this world and make sure that they get the best of everything, the best nutrition, the best clothes, and the best care. As they grow up, we provide them the best education, the best environment for them to learn and enjoy.

There are millions of malnourished pregnant women giving birth to weak children, millions of kids who dream of wearing untorn shoes and decent clothes, forget about new ones. They can’t afford to even think about education. Is it okay to let them suffer just because they are not related to you? I don’t think so!

For everyone who agrees, this is how you can make a difference. Donate “DIL KHOL KE” because it is not that big an amount for you but for some, it is their life. Visit: www.savethechildren.com and opt for donating a little something. This is not a promotion of this site in particular. There are many similar organisation you can contact and volunteer with.

All I intend to do here is to remind you of how kind you are.

Your little something can make a huge difference. There are many NGOs and websites you can visit. The world is full of channels for supplying your help to the needy but it won’t work if there is no supply. Don’t let that happen and make sure you do your bit in bringing smiles on innocent faces. If a Woodland jacket worth `4950 is fine to purchase then donating `500 here is more of a duty.

Don’t let them feel that being born is a bane. Contribute and give them a life every living being deserves.

 – A concerned human being

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