By Abhishek Nanda (L&T S&L)


Lost_Image 1


Sometimes I feel like I’m drifting

in the universe,

Lost in the darkness enveloped

in every verse.


The scenic view is beautiful with

stars and galaxies;

I let my thoughts run wild

wandering through fantasies.


Watching whole worlds collide upon,

Dying and rebuilding again;

Can’t let go of this feeling

of madness and mayhem.


What if all the stars stopped

burning at once?

All the little lights at a distance,

go out with a whiff.


Will I be scared of being

lost forever?

Or be content with a

lifetime of nowhere?


Alas! Might go insane

after some time.

But that’s just perspective,

who’s there to find?


Then I look at people

going on with life;

I finish my coffee and

get up and leave.

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Nicely written


Beautifully worded abhisekh!!


I cannot able to understand your feeling my dear but your words r truely amazing


Caffeine addicted sci-fi?