April 2017

@HOME – Holi Celebrations

Lets take a look at what L&Tites have celebrated HOLI… Arham, Son of Mr. Mayank Jain (LTMHPS) Celebrating Holi Mr. Praveen Ganesh (RBG) Celebrating [...]

POM Winner

Award Being Presented by Mr. Prem Prakash Akhauri (Head-HR, LMB and Editor-in-Chief of Enlightenment) to Enlightenment March’s Picture of the Month Winner – Mr. ANKUL [...]

Sri Lanka Travelogue

By Pritha Banerjee (L&T MHPS) Payel and I, best friends since college though always connected via technology, could not meet up since 2010. [...]


April marks the beginning of a new financial year where working professionals are awaiting their appraisals. Kids are done with their exams and [...]

In Focus – Saif Saiyed

Born in Nadiad city of Gujarat ,  just 10 minutes apart from his twin sister Shehla,  Saif Saiyed had an enthralling childhood as [...]

शराब की बोतल

By Prem Prakash Akhauri (L&T MHPS) बूत की तरह हो मगर लाजवाब हो बेजान होते हुए भी खूब असरदार हो दिल चाहता है [...]


By Shreesha S Bhat (L&T – Heavy Engineering, Vizag Production Centre) The world had turned upside down. Terror – a cold, suffocating terror – [...]

A Girl Child

By Arshi Zaki (L&T MHPS) As delicate as a flower, an angel, sweet and kind Keep her in your heart and happiness you [...]

Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman

By Shruti Vairagkar (L&T Howden) Thor, Loki, Odin, Bifrost, Asgard, Midgard, Jotunheim…These are names most of us would have learnt from the movies [...]