The Change Makers

By Shubhangi Natu (Personnel & HR, L&T Power)

Trouble makers for many, for some, their ray of hope.

The courage to challenge, to question, not many in this world would hold.

They are stamped as crazy and labelled to be misfits.

But they are bold enough to say NO and stand out discrete.

If not for them, our world would be the same.

We would agree to all the norms without any valid defence.

For we have forgotten that things can be done better.

Fear, laziness or sheer ignorance, we hardly want to make a difference.

Complacent we sit, happy to cry, crib and comment.

It’s they who take it up, sometimes at the cost of their own self-respect.

Take some time to notice, the next time you cross paths with one of them,

Argue, insult, appreciate or be one but do not ignore them.

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