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International Women’s Day Celebration

Faridabad Campus Nai Umang (Ladies Club) members celebrated “International Women’s Day” on 08th March, 2017.

Mrs. Malathi, Vice-President Nai Umang, Mrs. Madhumita Chaudhuri, Mrs. Kavita Kapoor, Mrs. Mala Mehta, Mrs. Seema Akhauri, Mrs. Ritu Sharma, Mrs. Farzana and other ladies club members were present during the celebration.

Mrs. Nidhi Mittal and Mrs. Aditi conducted various fun activities like Ice Breaker, Guess Who? , One Minute Games and Tambola, etc.

Dr. Mrs. Mohita Tiwari conducted a health talk on women health.

Prize were distributed to members who were winners in the various games. The snacks were served to all participating members.

Mrs. Malathi, Vice-President, Nai Umang addressing the gathering during the celebration

Gathering of Members of Nai Umang (Ladies Club) during Internal Women’s Day Celebration

NGO Stalls Exhibition- Antardristee Stall of Herbal products & Dharti Maa Trsut Stall of Recycled Products

Faridabad campus regularly organize these exhibitions to promote products made by especially abled to support the cause of these NGOs.

On occasion of “International Women’s Day”, NGO stalls were exhibited in Faridabad campus on 18.03.2017.

“Antardrishtee” displayed various daily usable herbal products and herbal Holi colours on their stall. Employees were seen interacting with stall members and buying the products on display.

“Dharti Maa Trust” displayed various products made out of waste materials. Their products also were appreciated and bought by employees.

Employees interacting and buying products from “Antardristee” Stall

Various recycled products on display on “Dharti Maa Trust” Stall

Surbaan’s Taal Se Taal Mila: Monthly Musical Evening

“Taal se Taal Mila (TSTM)” is the monthly musical gathering of all the music lovers of Faridabad campus organized by Surbaan (LnT Dhanush’s Musical arm). It offers a platform for employees to sing, recite poems and play musical instruments. This month TSTM was organized 18th March, 2017. Many employees including Mr. S. K. Gupta, Mr. Deepak Biswas and others performed melodious songs. Audience was spell bound by all performances.

Mr. S.K. Gupta performing in his legendary style

Mr. Deepak Biswas gave a soulful performance

Audience enjoying a youthful song by Mr. Shahrukh

Mr. Nitin Anand performing on Karaoke

Inauguration of Open Gym in Front Lawns

An open gym was inaugurated by Mr. D.K. Chaudhuri (Chief Executive (EPC), Project Management) L&T-MHPS Boilers on 4th April 2017 in presence of fitness and wellness enthusiasts of Faridabad campus. Mr. D. K. Chaudhuri enquired about the gym equipment placed in the Open Gym. He also tried some of the equipment. Employees were excited about the concept of the open gym and were seen using the Gym equipment after the inauguration. The Open Gym is located at the front lawns of the Faridabad campus.

Mr. D.K. Chaudhuri (Chief Executive (EPC), Project Management) L&T-MHPS Boilers inaugurating the Open Gym

Mr. D.K. Chaudhuri trying the Gym equipment

Employees using the Gym equipment installed at the Open Gym


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