Lets take a look at what L&Tites have been upto apart from their worklife…

Ms. Akshi Aggarwal (LTSL) Celebrating her Daughter Anisha’s Birthday


Mr. Abhijnan Mukherjee and Ms. Ananya Majumdar (LTMHPS) Puri Tour

The Newly Wedded Couple – Mr. Manasranjan Sutar (RBG) and Seema

Son of Mr. Vaitheeswaran.M playing at Home


Mr. Bidhan Kundu(LMB) and Mr. Praveen Sharma (LMB) Doing Bungee-Jumping in Rishikesh

Ms. Pritha Banerjee (LTMHPS) Srilanka Tour

Mr. Vaitheeswaran (LTMHPS) Celebrating his Birthday with Colleagues

Mr. Anhad Prakash (LTMHPS) Rishikesh Tour

Team Enlightenment Bidding Farewell to Mr. Gaurav Modi (LTHE)

Team Enlightenment Bidding Farewell to Mr. Anubhav Mishra (LTG)

Mr. Anubhav Mishra (LTG) Pondicherry Tour with School Friends

Sandeep Dahiya (LTMHPS) Celebrating his Birthday with Family

Housewarming ceremony of Mr. Anil Thakur’s (LTMHPS) New House


Mr. Soumitra Bhakat’s (LTMHPS) Daughter’s First Day at School

Mr. Shivam Srivastav (LTMHPS) Blessed with A Baby Boy

Mr. Naqeeb Alam (LTMHPS) celebrating his Brother’s Birthday

Ishani, Daughter of Mr. Satya Kumar Vuppala (RBG) with their New Car

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Alokesh Goswami

Akshi, nice to see your daughter grown up, God bless her.