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Born in Nadiad city of Gujarat ,  just 10 minutes apart from his twin sister Shehla,  Saif Saiyed had an enthralling childhood as a science enthusiast. He completed his engineering from the renowned , The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda , Gujarat . An introvert and reserved person by nature , Saif transformed himself into a more people-oriented individual by taking up managerial roles in various college events . The writer and artist  in him evolved as a part of  the growing realization of who he is and the legacy that he has inherited . The depth in his thoughts and inclination towards philosophy are the most natural result of the the family he belongs to.

Team Enlightenment brings to you, the journey of Saif Saiyed…

Where can we locate you at L&T ?

I am currently a GET in the Piping Engineering Department at L&T-MHPS Boilers Private Limited.

Who are you outside of work?

An equally determined guy with eccentric beliefs .

A spontaneous explorer.

At Pavagarh Hill station with his sister Shehla (Extreme right ) and friends Zacharia & Neha 

You are generally confined to yourself. Do you call yourself an introvert?

I am an ambivert  , 70% introvert and 30% extrovert to be precise . I generally prefer to stay away from crowd , however when the time calls for,  I can be an extrovert, dominant, and representative.

With 70% Introvert nature, like you mentioned, how did you organise so many events in college? What exactly triggers you do do things involving people management?

I like to showcase myself with things I do, things I execute. I want my similitude to be something unique.

                        Enjoying a light moment in the midst of organization of a college event 

Enlighten us about your political involvement in college. Have you ever thought of being actively involved in politics?

Politics and student initiated events went hand in hand in my college. In order to keep up with events, the support from the elected party was required. Though I wasn’t an active/ upfront member,  i had frequent interactions with the elected body .

Favorite  pastime.

  • To write
  • To cook
  • Listen and indulge into music: I love extreme genre of music: Metal and Sufi. Gojira is my favourite band in metal.

You mentioned that Science fascinated you from Childhood. What suddenly gave birth to the writer in you?

Every idiosyncrasy has two aspects, one is its theory or thoughts and second is its application/ execution. I believe in execution of things. Science (especially physics) and philosophy are the two sides of same coin. Therefore, in order to convey (execute) my ideas i started writing and sketching.

Please share some lines of your poetry.

I went Bangla Sahib Gurudwara last weekend and wrote this as a caption of the photo:

जर्द रखा एक पास रखे सर्द फिर रखे जर्द

चिराग़ों से जान लेंगे किस आस्ताने आए हम.

Does sports interest you? Participated in any sports?

Nearest thing to Sports I did is cycling. I secured the runners-up title in cycling race held in the cities Nadiad and Ahmedabad of Gujarat .

Anything interesting you want to share about your L&T Prayag experience?

L&T Prayag offered to me a unique learning experience. I had made a presentation which was received much appreciation. Making it, made me learn a lot more about life. I wish to share the same with you.

Please click on the image to see the presentation

 We’ve seen your sketching skills. When and how did you start?

I started writing in English and then switched to urdu. It demands a proper agitated harmony to write what I want and that needs energy. When I am exhausted and still think of conveying ideas, I sketch as is requires almost no efforts.

Please share one of your sketches and thought behind it.

My interpretation of this sketch is that the eye is symbol of intellect, it’s the most important input organ of brain. So there is an eve, and the fibres like pattern symbolizes knowledge, wisdom. They are roots or genesis of something, and it also looks like flame, which depicts heat, warmth, ardency which shows passion, crave and struggle which comes with knowledge and wisdom

One word that defines you.


One Life Mantra

Madness is the only way.


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