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Though we live in turbulent times, our part of the world is supposedly progressing at a decent pace. In the last two-three decades of our lives, we have heard countless number of times about the fact that we are better poised to grow in today’s world, about our slowly improving education levels, infrastructure and lifestyle.

We strongly believe that we are not poor (No pun intended here, a big company got into trouble recently when the CEO made a similar remark). Instead, we would like to say that we are developing. Every country has to pass through this phase. Only that, some lucky ones like Singapore get away with it easily.

Other than the growth part as well, there don’t appear to be any less mayhem. Watch a national news channel in prime time for an hour, and you may, at the very least, need a good head-massage session to reboot yourself if not risk having to see a psychiatrist. You will feel that you have landed in this south-Asian nation straight from your mars trip and don’t know how to go about the real ground-situation being shown.

Then there’s is an ever-looming war. Although some educated armchair experts world-wide believe that war is a bad thing, an overwhelming number of intelligent citizens get a kind of uncanny solace in glorifying it. And you know, the majority wins.

It seems to have something to do with the phenomenon of “our love for fear”, which is popularly being coined by psychologists world-wide to explain such behaviour. Bad is stronger than good, it’s believed. Violence seems interesting and news-worthy, peace is routine. After all, who wants to know who was nice to whom? The real and excellent news is that who will hit first and who will take sides with whom.

These truly appear to be difficult times for the world, until of course, you look out of the window for some greenery, go to the beach for a beer or sit to watch a good comedy show.

Amidst all this chaos, I would like to take the opportunity to present to you the latest edition of ‘Enlightenment’ and hope that you enjoy viewing various sections. This edition also contains the Ist article in “Wellthy” series.

Also, I would encourage readers to make suggestions in the comments section below if there are any topics you specifically like to see covered in the future editions of the magazine.

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