Having Something to Say Instead Of Just Saying Something

By  Anish Govil (RBG)

“Talk less & say more” is a popular Swedish proverb. However the essence of this dictum appears to have been lost in the contemporary times , and  needs to be reinstated again.

We live in a world where blaming others is always a preferred choice. Indulgence in idle gossip, futile and bitter disapproval of others have become a national leisure activity. A tea seller in India can tell you how government should function. He can also give you nuanced suggestions on batting techniques that Virat Kohli should follow in order to regain his lost form. But the only problem is he doesn’t know how to make tea.

This attitude has pervaded all spheres of life. People give their judgements as to how others should work but are reluctant to do a constant self-analysis of their own betterment. Individual productivity takes a back seat.

But is it wrong to give your views on  matters associated with others ? Absolutely not. Freedom of expression is a fundamental right of the human class. But when these views refute your own inherent irrationalities  & flaws , and paint them on the outer world,  it becomes a problematic situation. Talkers flourish at the cost of silent and hardworking people.

Plato has rightly said “wise men speak because they have something to say. Fools speak because they have to say something”. Wouldn’t it be wiser to talk less & say more by simultaneously engrossing ourselves in moments of silence?

Even after reading my penned down thoughts, many of the readers will associate it with people in their surroundings. But it’s high time, that we step down from our self-proclaimed pedestal and let the clichéd phrase “ actions speak louder than words” make it’s mark.


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Interesting stuff. Good Read!!


Wow.. Awesome piece of writing! 🙂


thankyou 🙂


Nice Article .