In Focus- Mr. Sunil Kumar Gupta

Currently holding the post of General Manager and Project Director – Malwa, Mr. Sunil Kumar Gupta is an inspiration to many people. His friendly attitude towards everyone, his leadership strength and definitely his melodious voice makes him a unique person in campus. So this month, he is IN-Focus. We are delighted that he found time for us from his busy schedule and gave us the opportunity to know him better. Here’s how the interview goes:

How would you like to describe yourself as a leader?

I would describe myself as a very passionate individual. Being a project lead, I have to always anticipate and act in advance to minimize problems. I interact with all levels of my extended team to know about their requirements and deal with them accordingly. When I help them to reach their respective goals, I achieve my goals. Project execution is like a relay race. Synergy is required at every point and being the lead, I have to take care of all departments, customers, vendors; sometimes even at personal level. I love to be on time when it comes to job deliverables.

Now, outside work, who is SKG Sir?

Very homely! Given the opportunity, I love to stay indoors. May not be a good cook, but I like to cook and definitely help family in any household work.

Tell us about your family

My wife is a home maker. I have two daughters and one son, all engineers at home. Elder daughter, Swati, after finishing her MBA is now busy with her start-up of exporting Indian Handicrafts. My Second daughter, Tanya, a Comp. Sc. engineer works as a data analyst with a MNC. My son, Rohan is preparing to go to US for his MS.

College days! What do you remember at first?

I have done my engineering in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Roorkee. Before joining college I was a simple guy from Moradabad with limited knowledge about external world other than what all was there in my town. Those four years made me an informed person with changed outlook.

All I can remember is the fun with friends; the ragging period; singing performances; matches; games; movies and what not. So much fun it was. One more thing I would love to add, the simplicity and the modesty of the respected professors taught me many things in life.

I was the editor of house magazine ‘LION’, Secretary of hobbies club – philately and Num., Quiz master for movies during my four years.

Your first job experience:

Though I got many appointment letters at the time of passing out, due to sudden unfortunate death of my father, I had to stay at Delhi to support my mother. I joined BST as an Inspection Engineer. Then Served BHEL for glorious 27 years, Reliance for almost 1.5 years before I joined L&T 8 years ago.

Your relation with Boss and now when you are the boss, how do you interact with your sub ordinates?

I was always very close to my Boss. I am lucky enough to always get very loving and caring seniors.

As you already know, I am extrovert, so I do find a link to connect with every person to know him personally and to make him or her comfortable with me. That’s my way of dealing with the team which gives me good results.

How would you describe work culture in L&T?

The best thing I find in L&T are:

  • The freedom to select and form my team, which was a wonderful experience.
  • Top management to bottom most employee understands the value for money.
  • The open culture gives us the opportunity to go ahead and take decisions with ease.
  • Top level is always supportive. They don’t interfere much in your work but readily help for any help when needed.
  • The whole atmosphere is so transparent.
  • The simplicity in every person in the organization and in their way of thinking is very touching.

Now, we know your professional side more thoroughly! Coming to the friendly part of yours. We know about your singing talents. Where and when did it get started?

Since childhood! I used to visit a temple regularly where I used to listen to the Priest singing prayers. One day I sang with him. That was my first performance. That was my starting point. I got a lot of encouragement from everyone around me at every stage of life. My wife is also fan of my singing. Her favorite song of mine is Rimjhim gire sawan…; Kehna hai…; etc. etc.

TSTM is also a part of my musical  journey.

Some rapid fire questions:

  1. One word that describes you: Passionate
  2. Life Mantra: Take care of people and people will take care of you.
  3. One happiest moment: Selection in IIT Roorkee. I became the hero of my locality overnight. That felt great.
  4. Sad moment: Losing my father at an early age. I miss him a lot.
  5. Passions: Music, Travelling, photography, making friends, philately.
  6. Tell us few of your favorite destinations: Mukteswar, Kausani, Kanya Kumari, Finland, Prague. I have been to many countries. All have their own charm.
  7. Favorite Dish: Besan Chilla. Other than that, I love Thai & Mediterranean foods also.
  8. Any memorable achievement: Records at Malwa. Ceiling girder erection done in 5.5 days (exact 1/10th time of what we were advised in early phases).
  9. Any learning: Mistakes shall be considered as opportunity to improve. Always stay motivated and dare to try new. Sharing mistakes creates synergy.
  10. Future plans: I want to be a mentor, a groomer and a friend-cum-guide to teenagers and young peoples. That’s in my mind. I feel today’s kids need career guidance, skill development and grooming. I want to help them.

Few words for our readers:

Be passionate about your job. Enjoy it. Always think about the highest purpose. Always think that you are serving the nation and human beings through your modest service. This thought will motivate you immensely.

As shared with Ms. Pritha Banerjee (L&T MHPS) & Mr. Sandeep Dahiya (L&T MHPS)

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Great and inspirational interview.


What a wonderful and humble gentleman, so much to learn from stalwarts like him. God bless!


Today’s youth needs an inspiring and passionate personality whom it can look up to and you are undoubtedly one!


Very nice and inspirational…