Restaurant Review: Haveli

When you speak of delicious Indian food, Punjabi khana is one that comes to your mind immediately. It is one cuisine which is always delicious and rich with a good quantity of pure desi ghee and butter. It will definitely fill your tummy and stay in your mind for a long time. So, you can definitely go a long way for such a delightful treat to your taste buds.

Recently, during the weekend I visited a Punjabi theme pure vegetarian restaurant, Haveli at Grand Trunk Road, Khajurla, in Jalandhar. You will find the same on the Delhi-Karnal GT Road, Murthal (Sonipat District) and another in Amritsar.

It was a nice experience visiting the place full of entertainment. In there, you will experience all colors of rural Punjab including its royalty. The restaurant from outside looks like a Haveli, with grand entrances, high walls.. At the entrance, you will find men and women dressed traditionally welcoming you with a glass of lassi.

Then through the mock village, you will experience different cultures of the state. The paintings, the lights, the decoration,  – all adds up to the essence of Punjab! Other than food, you can entertain yourself by watching live performances on Punjabi music by performers, puppet show, camel and horse ride. For the kids, merry-go-round and swings are also there. You can buy souvenirs at the stores selling dresses and other traditional artifacts. All souvenirs and mementoes are around the theme ‘Punjab’.

Now coming to the rich and royal food of Punjab! The area where food is served is grandly decorated like a dining room of a Haveli. You will find wooden furniture and heavy metal utensils. They serve the food in a Thali to everyone. Traditionally dressed up servers will bring lassi for you first. Then in starters, you can have chaat and fries. The main course offers butter roti, butter naan, paratha, dal, and two types of sabzi. All are served along with adequate amount of ghee on it. The thali ends with a mouth-watering sweet dish. The quantity is unlimited. The quality can be claimed as ‘better than the best’.

Haveli gives you the tour of Punjab in a evening.. It’s not only a restaurant but also a wonderful place to spend time with your family. And the pinch on your pocket is very much reasonable. Entry fee for dinner plus activities is Rs. 450/- per head in the evening which includes all the activities and you can watch the performances. For lunch, thali costs Rs. 325/- per head only. You can visit the place for Rs. 50/- per head. (This entry ticket excludes dinner).


Hope you have a great family time at Haveli!

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