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By Abhishek Nanda (L&T-S&L)

Verse [1]:

When you walk alone,

know every tick, you will;

Look to your sides,

they’re thick to the fill. (1)

Not a ray be seen,

It is dark and gloomy;

The path is grey,

the horizon too dreary.(2)

Take a step  forward,

as darkness approaches;

A little light forms,

like a tiny pool of happiness.(3)

Hope, one could’ve,

been the light all along;

Then darkness wouldn’t have,

been such a harsh song.(4)

Holding that light,

wouldn’t venture out the forest;

with the goal to be reached,

and the journey the dearest.(5)

Verse [2]:

The sun shines through

as clouds play hide an’ seek;

It’s  pink outside,

with  shades o’ green.(6)

The mind reckons

every night brings a day;

The darkest ones turn

into mesmerizing play.(7)

The smell of  nature,

fills the mortal soul;

The green marks the path,

strangely bright and cold.(8)

It’s easier to walk,

now towards my goal;

Well, something’s amiss,

told my heart and soul.(9)

At night, the darkness,

was with me all time;

Now, I’m open, alone,

not able to rhyme.(10)

Verse [3]:

Reaching at the tome o’ dusk,

Saw the day and the night;

Full of confusion,

Which path is been right? (11)

Even the day shined,

Evening brought the opposite;

Nights spread its wings to devour,

Alas, what a sight! (12)

The beauty perished,

then came the silence;

Yet I felt happy,

for life’s sheer brilliance.(13)

The value of one,

the light made it weak;

While the waited ‘light’,

was so pretty and thick.(14)

A companion it became,

all the way I traveled;

I missed it through day,

at each dawn I rebelled.(15)

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