By: Abhishek Nanda, LTSL

He walked up the hilltop to end it all. To dip into the valley’s deep embrace. His face looked detached, shoulders hung depressingly from sides. While walking up to the summit, he didn’t even notice anything except the path leading up. ‘It will end soon’, were his only thoughts. He felt like the most dejected person in the whole world. He always had the worst experience in life. His love was lost, his name was tarnished and he was all alone. So he mustered up his leftover courage and walked up to the spot of conclusion. He took his time, for he still had some fear for his dear life. But soon he reached the summit and the sense of failure and helplessness had overcome what little attachment he felt. He jumped.

It wasn’t so dramatic, as simple as a pebble dropping into a lake. But at the very moment his feet left the ground, he felt a voice inside his head, “It’ll be fine. Now open your eyes. Look.”

He did open his eyes immediately and he was awestruck. He could feel himself falling, but it seemed so slow. He could see the deepest point he was going to hit. And he turned his head sideways. He was in the belly of the valley. The land was covered with lush green. The mountains were full of vegetation and the white turbulent streams added to its beauty. Birds were flying in flocks, hopping from tree to tree, many sitting on branches and chirping pleasantly. He was still falling, slowly falling. The scenery complimented the bright and blue sky. The sun shone brightly like a jewel in this bountiful nature. He was falling, slowly. The beautiful nature seemed to invite each and every kind of majestic creatures. First time in life, he felt, why poets wrote and artists painted, why people lost themselves in nature. As he touched the ground, his last thought was, “At least, I’ll rest in such a beautiful and bountiful place, Forever. I’m blessed.”

Then, everything went silent and dark. With a piercing impulse of pain, everything went cold. It was over. Someone somewhere might have said, “At last, he saw the beauty in death.”

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