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Bramhachari Peacock. Covfefe. These were among the top trends this week on social media on the Indian and International stage. While the political pundits defended or ridiculed them, the common man had an opportunity to crack jokes at the expense of those who said them. The momentum these words gained in a short span of a few hours was all due to social media.

Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Instagram – these are but a drop in an ocean of platforms available today to share our lives with our friends and followers through words, pictures, and videos. These can be credited for developing personal as well as professional relationships. Their number grows by leaps and bounds and have progressed beyond the simple sharing. The lines have blurred and we are now connected to help each other get fit, learn new languages and ideas, and even develop romantic relationships.

While we cannot deny the many advantages of these platforms, one cannot ignore the many perils associated with it. Numerous studies conducted have indicated that it is to be blamed for the attention spans dropping, fear of missing out or FOMO on the latest update, increased depression due to comparisons, and of course, cyberbullying. Online trolling and cyberbullying perhaps are most concerning and can cause tremendous disruption in the lives of the affected. There are plenty of stories out there which support these indications.

Needless to say, strong cyber laws are the order of the day. However, as private citizens we can try to keep an open mind and be accepting of thoughts and opinions which differ from ours. We can also refrain from reacting to every single thing said about what we identify with and letting them go. On that note, we present to you the June edition of Enlightenment which is a melting pot of ideas, thoughts, opinions and creativity in different formats.


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