Faridabad Campus Events

Stall by Divya Jyothi Jagrithi Sansthan

Faridabad Campus organized NGO stall through Divya Jyothi Jagrithi Sansthan (Anthardrishti) wherein they offered various herbal items of daily use.

This was part of promotion of products made by differently abled people to help empower themselves.

Campus employees and Nai Umang members showed great interest and bought various products.

Members of Nai Umang, Mrs. Madhumita Chaudhuri, Mrs. Malathi Rao and Mrs. Mala Mehta buying herbal products

Various herbal products on display at the stall

Employees enquiring about and buying herbal products from the stall

Visit of Mr. S. N. Roy

Mr. S. N. Roy, CEO & Managing Director – L&T Power and Whole Time Director – L&T, visited Faridabad Campus during 22nd, 23rd & 24th May, 2017 to attend LTMHPS-Pvt. Ltd. & LTH Board Meetings.

Mr. S. N. Roy, CEO & Managing Director – L&T Power and Whole Time Director – L&T meeting Senior members of Faridabad campus

Mr. S. N. Roy, interacting with Mr. A. S. Lamba and other senior members

LnT-Dhanush- Literary Club organized Just-A-Minute (JAM) competition

Lnt Dhanush-Literary club organized Just-A-Minute (JAM) competition at Faridabad Campus on 12th May, 2017.

Many employees participated and performed on stage and exhibited their talents on interesting topics which were randomly given to the participants on the spot.

Mr. D. S. Kapoor (Central Admin.) and Mr. Pankaj Gupta (LMB) judged the session.

Mr. Ayush Jain of LMB was adjudged as runner-up and Ms. Nidhi Mittal of LMB was the winner of the event.

Runner  up of the competition- Mr. Ayush Jain (LMB) awarded by Mr. Pankaj Gupta (LMB) and Mr. D.S. Kapoor (Central Admin)

Winner of the competition- Ms. Nidhi Mittal (LMB) awarded by Mr. pankaj Gupta (LMB) and Mr. D.S. Kapoor (Central Admin)

Participants of JAM with the judges and organizers of the event

Quizzofire 2.0 organized by Quizzila

LnT-Dhanush Quizzila ( House of Quizzing) organized the Quiz-O-Fire 2.0 as part of Monthly Quiz for employees having interest in quiz competition. The online prelims were conducted on 24th May and four final teams were selected. The final of the Quiz was conducted on 26th May. This month’s title was won by team of Mr. Vikas & Mr.Vaitheeswaran. M of LMB. Mr. R. Sitaraman handed over the prizes to the winners.

Mr. Ayush Jain, Quizmaster for the day conducting the Quiz

Curious audience during the Quiz

Winners of the Quizzofire 2.0, Mr. Vikas & Mr. Vaitheeswaran. M of LMB, being awarded by Mr. R. Sitaraman (Central Admin)


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