He is a terrorist, I am Not

By: Arshi Zaki, LMB

Devil came in disguise,

Lured him with power as a prize,

And he became a permanent stigma,

Marking terror as his charisma.


This world then became his playground,

With rules not so profound.

A game with only contingencies,

He played ruthless, leaving a deep crease,


Which few, like me, tried to iron out,

In order to make things even.

But he kept planting a new sprout,

Of hell even in the heaven.


Blinded by power and will to win,

He ended up committing this sin,

Of forgetting that he was once civil,

But is now no less than the devil.


Brothers of the same blood and bones,

He learnt to kill, crossing the milestones

In the check list of the devil,

He qualified to be a peril.


Now pay attention and listen to me,

Marking you, the world, in Cc,

To the terrorist now I speak directly,

“O king of terror, stop, have mercy.

Mankind is losing its existence I see,

It will soon be out of dictionary,

And then the oceans will be fire,

With nothing left on earth to admire.


And then as the king, what will you do?

To the ashes you terrorised hitherto?

Your fort will be just a dome,

Upon the ruins of your own home!!


Moreover, people associate you to a creed,

But I see that you could not pay heed,

To the crying baby, for life who did plead.

What kind of religion is it indeed??


For you, no religion does matter,

But people now fear their own brother,

Who happens to bear a similar name,

Belonging to the same creed that you claim.


So you are a terrorist, I see,

One you are truly proud to be.

But do me a favour, give the world a gist,

That my name is also Khan, but I am Not a terrorist”.

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Beautifully put forward…!!


While most of us are lost somewhere, seeking the happiness into a rat race, you wrote something sensitively. Great…………


this should reach the terrorist as a bullet

Shravan Sriram

well written


Nice one

anjani kishor