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” First Impression is not necessarily the last impression”

The team Enlightenment is more than delighted to bring you the lesser known buoyant side of Mr. Swapan Chakraborty ,  Joint General Manager , L&T Howden .

His upfront attitude , typical modesty and enterprising nature has certainly drawn many eyeballs in the L&T Faridabad campus and it’s a pleasure to bring him In-focus for this month’s edition .

We wholeheartedly thank sir for sparing some time for us from his bustling schedule .

How would you describe yourself?

I will describe myself as a person who is veracious in his opinions & committed to his work , who is ready for new challenges in life , and who never fight shy of responsibilities. I might appear be a strict disciplinarian from outside, but for people who closely interact with me, I am an equally caring and understanding person.  I believe in motivating my team and standing up for them whenever required

I believe that a team is like a chain with both strong and weak links , and as a leader it’s my responsibility to intermingle the links in the most efficient manner to decide the success of the team  .

How would you define yourself outside work? Tell us about your family

I have always been an active sports person and have participated in various cricket and table tennis tournaments . I like to closely follow both political and business news .

Whenever I get time I like to meditate as it helps me clear my mind and give solace.

In my free time you will often find me listening to Nazrul Geeti , Rabindra sangeet or my favorite Kishore Kumar music. Being a strong believer in god , I also like listening to devotional songs.

My wife is a homemaker who has been my pillar of strength in all walks of life . My son Snehashish is currently pursuing chemical engineering from Vellore Institute of Technology,.

Education: From where, any college day memories that you will like to share

I have done my schooling from Durgapur , West Bengal and my graduation in mechanical engineering from NIT , Bhopal . Like every passsout , I often reminisce the wonderful memories I had in my five years of college days .

I fondly remember the ragging session where i was asked to recite everything in shudh Hindi ; which back then was a huge task because of my poor Hindi pronunciation !

Be it the famous Maha Murkh festival that was celebrated every year in the college on holi festival , or the monthly open theaters that were previewed at our college campus , every single episode now makes me nostalgic now . College and hostel life has  certainly helped me grow as a person most importantly helped me develop an ever lasting PAN India friendship

Your 1st job experience. Any funny incident you want to share with us, as a junior with your boss.

I started my career with Hindustan Aeronautics Limited , where I worked for a year and then switched to  ABL (ACC Babcock Ltd , Durgapur , Kolkata . I served for a few years  in Birla Technical Services , Kolkata before joining L&T CCPP group at Energy center in Vadodara, where I spent close to 14 years .

My experience with my earlier boss at Vadodara was a blessing in disguise. He was one of the toughest bosses one can ever imagine and was always ready to take you to task . Despite his strict attitude , he was highly respected and has personally been one of the most influential people in shaping my career .  He taught me a very important lesson in life i-e  , ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going  ! ‘

Joining L&T, Share your experience through the years.

L&T has been a thorough learning experience for me . My portfolio has recently shifted from engineering to business development and Project Management . Though this is a new experience , I believe that it is the attitude to learn that truly matters.

It is better to know the unknown rather than feel afraid of it .

I sincerely hope to contribute my best in securing more business and achieving better ways to execute projects for L&T Howden in the near future .

Travelling diaries

I love exploring new destinations . I had a great time in my last trip to Andaman and Nicobar Islands where I was mesmerized by the scenic beauty.  I had an opportunity to travel to  few places  abroad  like Turkey , Denmark, Belgium, USA and Japan.  I genuinely feel that each of these destination has been unique and special in its own way.

Rapid Fire Questions:

  1. One word that describes you                         Honest, Sincere & Committed
  2.  Life mantra. What inspires you?                   Work Hard in life and success will follow
  3.  Favorite Food                                                          Hilsa and Rice
  4. One happiest moment of life                           When my son was born (1997)
  5. Any regrets in life, if you want to share       At times regret not pursuing MBA

What are your future plans?

  1. As our organization has a large database , I will like to introduce a proper digitization method for the easy accessibility of data ( read access) to all  . So that in the near future we don’t have trouble in locating any specific project data required .
  2. Given an opportunity ,  I want to disseminate my years knowledge about the Thermal Power Plant to the young engineers .

And then post-retirement finally settle down in my native Durgapur , West Bengal.

Any words for our readers to feel motivated – for them to have a work life balance.

First of all I would like to congratulate the team for taking out wonderful edition each month . It is really good to know about that the magazine has come up with the In-focus section , which gives an opportunity to know your colleagues and seniors personally .

I’ll advice the readers to take good inspiration from people around and always keep themselves motivated.

Just pursue your goals in life with full dedication & sincerity , and the desired results are bound to come ! 


As shared with Ms. Priyarupa Sinha (L&T MHPS) & Ms. Pritha Banerjee (L&T MHPS) 

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it was nice to know about the other side of you sir.