A Writer’s Confession

By Ms. Shruti Vairagkar (L&T Howden)

I have a secret. Not one of those dark, can put my life in a turmoil secret but one of those which could cause some surprise. I often suffer from writer’s block. I am unable to think of anything original or articulate what is on my mind. Or I run out of steam after starting a new project. Pretty common for any writer as per Google.

Greats like writers J K Rowling and Leo Tolstoy, cartoonist Charles M Schultz and songwriter Adele too have been afflicted by this…’condition’. Several causes have been listed – distractions of everyday life or something more specific like stress, illness – physical as well as mental, failure, rejection, heartbreak, or financial setbacks.

My writer’s block usually stems from distractions. Some work, activity, conversation, individual, or another interest demands and successfully supplants my time and attention. Searching for cures or rather methods to keep alive the flickering flame has ended up in relying on stationery. Liner pens and unlined notebooks small enough to carry in the smallest bag have become my friends. I am guilty of spending what could constitute a mini fortune on them.

I use these blank notebooks to write down my thoughts, make lists, randomly doodle, and anything else which may need addressing at a future point of time. I have found that jotting these random thoughts and points help me focus on the task at hand and not worry about that ‘brilliant’ thought that just popped up in my head.

Alternately, I also have several apps in my phone which I use. Apps like Evernote and Paper have several features of typing, writing or drawing with a stylus or your finger, and inserting images. Anything interesting on the internet is bookmarked for future reference or added to one of these apps. I also boldly use the camera in my phone to capture any moment which I find beautiful or awe-inspiring. A cluster of bright flowers blooming in the garden, sun peeking out from the clouds, a stormy sky, a funny sign or caption… Basically, anything that could spark the imagi

(As luck would have it, the writer was again distracted by something around her the this piece was left incomplete. It now joins the growing pile of half complete works which are silently lying in wait of the day or night when she again turns her attention to one of them)


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Ayush Jain

Brilliantly written. Have suffered from this so called condition as well. Could relate to the article.


Thanks Ayush!

Sandeep Dahiya

Awesome article… Shruti
Very fresh and creative writing…


Thank you, Sir! 🙂