An Early Oeuvre

By Mr. Barath S. (L&T RLBU)

I write, to speak the words I can’t,

To disclose the thoughts that forever haunt.

I write, as I have something to say,

That could alleviate someone’s dismay.


I write, to explore the worlds I fear,

To trap the spirit, whose voices I hear.

Where I am the demon and the deity,

Where all actions are reactions of my gravity.


I write, to escape the realms of reality,

To broaden the branches of my creativity.

I bleed on the paper through my pen,

To renounce the bondage of earthly men.


I’m locked here as a prisoner of war,

Between the material world and kingdom afar.

I wish to escape into my creative sojourn,

Live blissfully there and never return.

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