An Evening In A Summer

By Mr. Abhishek Nanda (L&T S&L)

When the weather’s strong,

We’ll sing a song;

To mark the day,

Let’s just make hay.

Sweet is the wind blowing,

Enticing is the smell;

We’re off to a great start,

This feels so well.

The sky is brimming with

the brightness of blue;

The sun’s going down

turning into orange hue.

If only life’s been this

beautiful all along;

I’d have been a poet,

or a believer of the song.

When you feel nature’s melody,

It’s very hard to overlook;

Patched with greenery and

aroma of flowers and fruit.

The summer night sounds its arrival,

With a cool breeze;

Taking away the whole day’s,

overwhelming heat and fatigue.

Sometimes it drizzles

In the sweaty afternoon;

Bringing a smile to the faces

of every sage and goon.

Daylight we get, lasts forever

like a never-ending dream;

Drench in your hard-work, my dear;

No better time to catch a dream.

Summer reminds us of

the sweat and toil,

Everything is achievable,

You just have to set your sail.



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Sudarshana Biswas

Nice inspiring!!!