To The So-Called-Leaders of the World, I Speak

By Ms. Arshi Zaki (L&T MHPS Boilers)

Devastating plight of your citizens so meek,

So today, to you, our “leaders”, I speak;

This intoxicating need of power,

Annihilating humanity every hour,

Turning the gardens, once esplanade

Into a ruthless ambuscade.

Your subjects are now used to your apathy;

I wonder how heartless you can be,

To ignore the cries in agony,

Cannonading the land, causing catastrophe,

Binding these innocent lives in ambiguity.

Race, colour, caste and creed,

Suffering Eurasia, America, Middle East,

The nations can be named easily,

I rather choose to state it generally,

That this kind of unrest spread globally,

Is the outcome of those who are happy

to be sitting in their offices, sipping their tea,

Ignoring innocent homes falling helplessly,

And the tears of the child who lost a family.

Missing a human heart how a leader can be,

A sciolist whose practices are sanguinary?

Clad in the shimmer of hypocrisy,

Your power is a mere fandangle you see;

For it has harassed human harmony,

And half of the world is now a refugee!

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Sudhanshu Gupta

Brilliantly thought Arshi 🙂


Way to go girl……Take a bow….


Nicely penned the agony of millions heart .. Great