Apparently, even these summers was not enough to stop L&Tites  from enjoying…lets have a look what’s they have been upto….

Mr. Anil Thakur’s Son enjoying Kulfi

Mr. Azharuddin (LMB) celebrating Eid with brother Imtiyazuddin


Ms. Sharza Kamal (LMB ) Celebrating Eid with family

Mr. Vikas Attri(LMB) at Malacca Beach, Car Nicobar Island.

Mr. Ashish Kumar (LMB) Trek to Khirganga, Himachal Pradesh

Mr. Gulshan S (LMB) Congratulations for Marriage

 Mr. Sandip Kumar Bera (LMB)- “Trip to Arunachal Pradesh with family”

Mr. Rahul Rajput (LMB) Rock climbing at Rishikesh

Mr. Arun Jindal sir (LMB) Enjoying the Sea-scape with Family  at Hong Kong

Mr Anhad Prakash(LMB)- Rice Field at Agra


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