In Focus -Dharmendra K Shrivastava

It gives us an immense pleasure to bring in focus our very own DKS sir, Head of Quality and Project Safety, L&T MHPS Boilers, for the JULY edition of the magazine.

DKS Sir is one of the most humble, down-to-earth, affectionate and approachable person in the FBD campus. He is a person with diverse qualities and skills. His passion for his job and responsible approach towards the project depicts only one side to his personality, while his immense love towards sports, books, and belief in spiritualism reflects the other sides.

We are grateful to him for taking out time from his extremely busy schedule.

How would you describe yourself?

Honestly, I think every individual is multi-dimensional and the question asked would need volumes to explain, however, in a nutshell I will describe myself as a homely person who completely enjoys spending time with family and friends. I believe that it is essential to stay healthy, both physically and mentally, in order to lead a happy life. Having said that to keep myself physically fit I pursue Yoga and badminton and for inner peace and tranquility I practice meditation.

I have a strong belief that meditation helps in embracing one’s spirituality in a more profound way.

Every material in the universe, including human beings, emits radiations which sometimes we call aura. The stability of the aura is largely determined by the emotional, mental and spiritual soundness that we have within ourselves.

Meditation has helped me in attaining the required stability and helped me focus my energies towards leading a happier life!

How would you define yourself outside of work? Tell us about your family

Like I mentioned earlier, I am more of a family person. I like to finish all my days’ work before leaving the office and unless it is absolutely essential I do not overstay. Outside office I like to catch-up with friends, watch TV, spend time with family and pursue activities related to physical fitness.

My wife is an electrical design engineer in the oil & gas sector of Samsung Engineering. She has been my strongest critic and an absolute tower of strength for all these years.

I am blessed to have a daughter , who has finished her bachelors from the Gargi College , Delhi University ,  and  a son , who is in the second year of  his bachelors  in computer science from Purdue University, USA.  



Tell us about your education

I have done my schooling from Sindri, Jharkhand. After matriculation and I. SC., I pursued B.Sc. for a year, and then subsequently joined BIT Sindri for pursuing mechanical engineering.  I thereafter completed my Masters in Machine design from the same college.

While working in my first company, Projects and Development India Limited (PDIL), I simultaneously did my part time Diploma in Business Administration from IGNOU.

I am currently pursuing my Ph.D. in Applied Mechanics from IIT Delhi.

I feel that one should never let the urge to learn, perish from one’s life. Being associated with the education, even after so many years, has helped me to familiarize and update myself with present-day technologies and has given me an opportunity to improve & share my knowledge by interacting with the younger generation.

Further, I hold the LEVEL III certificate from American Society for Non-destructive Testing in two methods, Ultrasonic Testing and Dye Penetrant Testing.

Brief us about your professional journey 

I started my career as a lecturer before joining PDIL as an inspection engineer, where I served for a couple of years before switching over to the French MNC, Bureau Veritas in Delhi. I was associated with the company for almost 15 years and finally parted from the company as Business head of industry, Northern region before joining the LANCO group.

I joined L&T in the year 2009 and there’s been no looking back. I am fortunate enough to be associated with L&T-MHPS since its early days and feel proud to see it grow tremendously through all these years.

Any funny incident you want to share with us, as a junior with your boss. How do you feel now, when you are the boss.

I would like to share one funny incident from my initial days in this profession.

Like everyone, I also tried to impress my superior, called him from site at around 9 o’clock in the night just to impress him and let him know that I was working till late that day and got a cool instruction not to leave the site till the job is over.

I was there for witness of heat treatment of a Horton sphere and since the soaking period was almost complete I wanted to push off and called him to inform that heat treatment was over. He was smart enough to understand my motive and asked me to wait further till the cooling period is over. Can you believe it! After all, boss knows it all. Don’t they? 

I still laugh hard while I recall the incident each time.

Joining L&T, Share your experience through the years.

My journey so far has been very positive. L&T is a very professional company and never compromises on safety and quality. What I admire most about the company is that the top management is very clear about their preference for safety and Quality over Delivery and cost. Top Management supports me and gives me an opportunity to work with my team transparently, without making any compromises in terms of quality and safety.

I am also fortunate to be part of the CSR team of the company.

Travelling diaries

I enjoy travelling and have a fascination towards the sea. Vizag and Goa are some of my favorite destinations. I get thrilled by the different shades of blue, colors of sand, rushing waves and cool breeze!

Mountains too have their own pull, Ooty and Manali being some of my preferred destinations. Leh, where I was posted for an assignment while I was with Bureau Veritas for a long time, has its own charm.

Overseas… I have been to Australia, US, Europe, UK, China and Japan. Prague has been one of my favorites. I also fondly cherish the good old memories of road trips from Dusseldorf to Paris.



I am an avid reader. I read all types of books ; My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante  , To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee , and Short stories by Maupassant, being a few of my favorites . I also enjoy reading Agatha Christie, Harry Potter and Tintin. Other than these, I have also read some of Bangla literature specially works of Saratchandra and Rabindranath Tagore.  I am currently trying to understand Bhagwat GITA.

My other hobbies include -playing badminton and watching movies..

Rapid Fire Questions:

  1. One word that describes you:           My friends often call me “Problem Solver”.
  2. Life mantra. What inspires you?      Bring smile to someons’s face.
  3. One happiest moment of life             When my daughter was born.
  4. Best food :                                                   Sambar rice, Posto and rice. Mainly home cooked food.
  5. Favorite pass time                                  Hanging out with friends and watching TV.

What are your future plans?

Since I am passionate about teaching, I will like to associate with an educational institution post retirement.

Other than that, in my personal life, I want my children to be settled, happy and independent.

Any words for our readers

One advice that I’ll give to my readers is that figure out what makes you happy in life and take out time for it. 

Nowadays, everyone is busy and already occupied with many responsibilities, be it family obligations, job demands or any financial crises. But I would request everyone to try and find out at least an hour for themselves in a day to develop a hobby like reading or yo-yoing. Trust me, it can bring immense happiness in your life. The routine job that we do won’t stay with us forever but the hobbies that we develop surely will.

Good luck to readers! Stay happy!

[As shared with Ms Priyarupa Sinha and Ms. Pritha Banerjee]


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Rakesh Kumar Sinha

We are friends for more than 35 years. Strong ethical value and confident of himself. Helping attitude and care for you. Funny side he fools his colleagues and friends about time and his location if you are waiting for him.


You are inspiration to many. All the very best. You are best.

Tushar B. Sonawane

Only one word Super Boss,
Perfect balance of office & family life with own future dreams.
” Bring smile to someons’s face” is greatest job.

Sandeep Dahiya

So inspired after reading sir!!
Now we know its meditation which keeps you calm in pressure situations, which is exemplary!!!