This month is coming up with a very big economic decision and it is being called as biggest tax reform of independent India yes it is Good and Service Tax.

The Goods and Services Tax (GST), which comes into effect from midnight it is launched by PM in the historic midnight joint session of parliament. GST will replace the current indirect tax system and will impact the each and every person of India.

Although all the details have been and are being circulated at almost every mode of media still the people have very mixed feeling about the tax regime, whether it is will be the in favour of people or not it can only be sated after some time. Meanwhile, enlightenment is coming with another edition which brings you something good to read and it will surely deviate the mind from complications of GST.

This edition brings you the review of a murder mystery ‘Rebecca’ by Dame Daphne du Maurier and a review of Japanese Anime – Perfect Blue. These editions writer corners have a writer’s confession and very beautifully composed poems.

It’s never a bad Idea to know about a place before visiting it to get some firsthand experience have a look at our travelogue section.

This edition’s Whacky have captured the reaction of peoples for whom the concept of work out does not turn out as they want it to be. This edition’s stuck dumb section will tell you the history of the greatest invention

Enough said about this edition it’s time to present you the July edition

Give as many thumbs up as you can to the creations and articles.

– Enlightenment

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