So Close Yet So Far

By Rijul Nadkarni (RBG) 



I find myself constantly drawn,

To the waters and the skies.

There is abundant beauty on land,

But something more captivating,

In what is above and below us.


Is it a fear we try to overcome,

Of things unknown and unreachable?

Or our innate intrigue for that,

Which has not been fully explored,

In all its dark depths or soaring heights?


I think it may be our inability,

To truly conquer these entities,

In the same way we have cemented ourselves,

On the more stable and reliable land,

No matter what conditions we have to brave.


But it could be our primal instincts,

From our earliest beginnings,

Calling us back without gadgets for support,

To swim in the silky blue waters

Or glide along the strong winds of the skies.

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