The Fourth Monkey

By Vikas Birari ( RBG ) 

In an era of information fueled by digitization, the world has become a small village. Thanks to social media, we have become expressive like never before. We exchange our thoughts, ideologies, worries & wonderful moments with friends. The older generations would be envious of this ability to  exercise such  tremendous power that connects with corners of the earth.

“With great power, comes a great responsibility”. In the pool of information, It has become very easy to fall prey to misrepresented information. Whatever you are fed  on social media may not be true always! The truth can be adjusted so that it can be interpreted in a particular way. There may be  hidden agenda, more opinionated. So we need to be very selective & cautious & use our rational mind before jumping to any conclusions. Your one act of non-sense on social media can lead to chaos, disturbance & hatred among different ideologies & communities.

I have stopped watching news  these days because they aren’t as informative anymore. News media should ideally  give factual information & let the viewer have his judgement. This setup  has altered much. Now journalism has become more judgmental & less informative. In the rat-race for TRP, in an attempt to make  news more catchy & entertaining, media houses have lost their credibility. If you have seen interviews of Sonu Nigam (tweet about loudspeakers), Aamir Khan (About intolerance & leaving the country), it will make you realize how the facts are altered &  tampered with for the sake of TRP. And then there are the fools who boycott Snapdeal & unfollow the guilty for this. You can tell which political party a particular media house is promoting just by looking at the way  news is being portrayed. That’s how corrupt the fourth pillar of democracy is!

I have stopped going over social platforms frequently because they are filled with filth, anger, hatred & chaos and a tiny shade  of goodness. People are like volcanoes about to erupt. This virtual war frightens me. We have become more sensitive and less sensible. The number  of cameras pointing towards an accident victim is more than the number of helping hands. A day offline makes me realize the world is much better place, filled with love & harmony.

Here’s what the fourth monkey has to say. Don’t be a nuisance on social media, starving for likes, comments, views & followers. Exploit the goodness of it & spread happiness. Read wisely, watch sensibly , be rational enough to know how to react & be sensible enough to understand the consequences of your activity . India has the largest young population in the world . This generation is energetic and  watches you. It will follow your footsteps. Make sure that you are worth “Following”!


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Prasenjit Sen

Very apt and well written too…wish people around us will think and react the way you are doing.

Sandeep Dahiya

Very well written piece…
Looking forward to read many more from you…

Shravan Sriram

relates to this generation people like us. well written.