By Abhishek Nanda ( L&T-S&L)


I still remember the day,
when my father called
and asked me to enjoy

Unexpected periods of absence,
the flooding of the game room
for balls and amusement.

“Your childhood will be over soon,”
he said, “make use of the
invaluable time left at school.”

Returning from school to go back again,
to play in the fields
in many of the afternoons.

I was asked to give friends priority ,
to partake many activities ,
to make memories as many.

Wandering with friends, occasional hikes
and regular snacks on the street
with no need for any fancy bikes.

Confounded was I, to hear
that until that time
I never knew that verse.

Mandatory drills and prayers
lead by us, the weekends,
dithering between fun and duties.

Indeed, it was a thrilling ride;
the last year at school
with many a final stride.

So funny to remember the times,
we took responsibility
for each misdemeanour or deed of kind.

The unconditional friendship and love,
the teacher’s rebuke
and the melodious roll call.

The celebrations and dancing together,
the chasing after crushes,
and recording songs over and over.

The recess with homemade food,
sharing things in group,
playing throughout the field.

Radios and music, books and dirt;
these were various friends
which keep the memories of those bygone.

Teasing girls for sheer fun
and teaming up with them
for rivalities with some.

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Nicely written !!! your poem made us nostalgic.